Friday, October 12, 2007

A little update...

We got back on Monday evening from our little trip. We had a good time. I will finish updating about the rest of the trip very soon. Starting on Sunday morning Chase had a fever. He ran a fever the rest of the trip. It varied from 99-103 degrees. It was still high on Tuesday, so I called the Dr. and made an appointment. We were told he had a virus.

That night he seemed to be feeling better, but I started feeling really bad. I ended up getting the stomach flu. It was a really bad night. I started to feel better by Wednesday evening. Chase seemed to be feeling pretty good. Well, early Thursday morning after drinking a bottle he threw up in our bed. He got the stomach flu as well. Yuck! He has been pretty sick. Thankfully, he only threw up twice.

I think we are almost well. It has been tough, but thankfully Abe was able to stay home for 2 days to help us get better. It is nice to feel somewhat normbal again. That is what has been going on in our lives for the past week. That is why you haven't heard from us. :)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Our Little Get-Away:Part 1

On October 7th, Abe and I will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary. I decided to surprise Abe with a weekend get-away. He did not know where we were actually going until we were 33 miles from our first destination. We are currently in Fort Bragg. We will be leaving here today around 3 PM to head to Eureka. We are going to explore the Redwoods and the other beautiful attractions in the area.

When we were driving yesterday, we passed through Lucerne. We were able to see the Lucerne Christian Conference Center. Our church has had many Family Camps at this location. We decided to stop and take a look around. It truly is a very interesting place. It is quite pretty. Here are some pictures of our little detour.

Here is the ghetto water slide at Camp Lucerne. This thing has caused quite a few injuries through the years. I would have thought they would have torn this thing down. Guess not!

We thought that we would give Chase a little break from his carseat, and let him "drive" for a little bit. He has been such a trooper so far. He hardly complained at all during our 4 hour drive. We only stopped this one time in Lucerne. He travels really well. We are really happy that he is with us. What better could we spend our 2nd anniversary than with our little man.