Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chase's New Name

He came up with this all on his own. We have no idea where he picked this up :)

Barney Wedding Pics

Here are a few wedding pics from Brandon and Janna's wedding. The photos are courtesy of Wesley Stone. He is a fantastic photographer. I hope to get more pictures soon.

Grandpa and Grandma Green with some of the grandkids.

Uncle Ben Ben with the girly girls (minus Summer)

Chase sporting his new cowboy boots from Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve.

Bridget and Elysia decorating Brandon's and Janna's truck.

Chase playing (pounding) the piano.

New Saying

Chase's new saying, "I am cited mama." That means he is excited about something. Yesterday, he told me he was "cited" about seeing one of his baby friend Lainie. Today he is excited about his new soccer ball. Too cute!