Thursday, June 9, 2011

Key Embroidery

My mom bought me some adorable shadow boxes that had antique keys in them (forgot to take a picture). I had them for a while, and I didn’t know where to hang them. Our entry way was totally bare, so I decided I would like to hang them there. I needed a few more decorations, so I decided to embroider some keys. I found some images online and traced them onto my cloth. The project only took me about 1 hour to complete from start to finish. The total cost of the project was only about $5.00. Not too shabby!

Happy Girl

It is just amazing how happy Maggie is. She wakes up smiling, smiles while she eats, smiles when she taking a bath, and even smiles when she sleeps. She is just happy. This is such a blessing! She makes my heart happy!! It is a little blury, but this is what I get to wake up to :)


My Take On Monogram Art

I am a minimalist when it comes to decorations in my house. I don’t go out and buy lots of knick-knack type things. If I put something up in my house, it usually has some sort of meaning. I love pictures and keepsakes (things from our childhoods, our kids’ keepsakes, etc.) I am very sentimental, so I love ways to display things from our past and our lives. I saw this idea on this blog.

I thought it was a great idea, but I didn’t like the idea of finding some random magazine article. I think somewhere in the comment section someone talked about making their own using Microsoft Word and text boxes. I knew I could figure it out, and I loved that I could choose my own wording. I tried to think of what wording I could use. It came to me. My husband and I love hymns. He sings them to our children every night when they go to bed (swoon-he is an AWESOME dad Smile). Why not use a hymn that starts with a G-word. Here is my result.


I created it using Microsoft Word and then turned it into a JPEG file. I have since found an easier way using Microsoft Publisher. I had it printed at Wal-Mart and popped it in a frame. I have plans of giving one as a wedding gift.

A decoration with special meaning to our family!

More Headbands

Here are a few more headbands I made for a dear friend’s baby shower.


Coat Rack

I had been wanting a coat rack for our entry way. I wanted something that was functional, but at the same time decorative. The rustic farmhouse style has always been a favorite of mine. It would be so fun to live in a farmhouse (redone with modern day conveniences of course)! A girl can dream Smile I love distressed wood, and so I started Googling “distressing wood.” Well, around the same time I started talking to my grandpa about helping me distress some wood for a coat rack. He mentioned that there was a collapsed barn down the road. We hopped in the car, climbed a fence, retrieved a pile of very distressed wood, and went back to his house.
I had so much fun creating this project with him I will never forget the making these projects with him. The memories are so dear to me. He is so creative and uses so much ingenuity. He can take what other people would consider trash and make treasures. Here is the treasure we came up with.

The only thing I purchased were the hooks and the hangers to hang it on the wall. I love it!


I love making things! It is my outlet. Because I deal with kids all day (which I love) and the tasks are never ending it is so nice to start a project and complete it. There is a beginning and an end. Laundry, cooking, cleaning are never totally done. You get all the laundry done and as soon has bath time rolls around you have half a load in the basket. Not so with crafts and that is why it is therapeutic for me. I love the sense of accomplishment.

The Internet has brought crafting to a whole different level. You can pretty much find a tutorial to make anything. It is so fun. Pinterest is such and awesome site. It can be addicting and a time sucker, but have found some cute ideas. I also love reading craft blogs. I found some great ideas. Sometimes I just copy exactly what I find, and sometimes I put a little spin on the idea to make it my own.

I am going to post here about my crafting as well. I have done some in the past, but I think I will try to keep track of my projects and at least post pictures of them. It will be fun to look back and see what I have completed Smile

Monday, June 6, 2011

2 Month Update



Let me just start off by saying that I love my little girl more than I could have imagined. She is so precious! While I was pregnant I thought a lot about what it would be like to have a 3rd child, have a girl, and have our kids so close together. I did a lot of fretting and worrying about how I would handle it and how our kids would cope with the change. It really has been such a blessing. We are in our new normal. We have some very rough days, but we make it through. God is good!

She really started to smile this month (April 23rd was the first time that she responded to our smiles) and started cooing a little bit. She has really filled out and is quickly outgrowing her clothes. She is more willing to let me put her in the swing or lay her in her bed. This has been helpful especially in the morning when I am try to get some chores done and get the boys fed and ready for the day. She still likes to be worn quite a bit in Becco Carrier. I have used a carrier way more with her than I did with the boys. She likes to be near her momma Smile

She had her doctor’s appointment on 5/18. Chase and Maggie had appointments at the same time. Chase needed to go for a check-up for Kindergarten. Maggie needed a check-up and shots. She did pretty well considering. She cried when she got the shots, and she needed some love and snuggles to get her calmed down. The day of her appointment and the next day she was extremely tired. She pretty much slept through both of the days and nights. She would only wake up briefly to eat. Poor baby! Both Chase and Maggie got excellent reports on their health. Praise the Lord for healthy kids!

Appearance: Her eyes are officially blue. She seems to have more of an olive skin tone (thank you Jacque Green and Chris Barney). Her hair is really filling in. It is still short, but it is coming in very evenly just like her brothers did. She is very round and chubby. We love the little rolls. She is so soft and squishy! Such a treat after her brothers. She has dimples that showed up this month. We couldn’t tell if she would have them, but she does.

Sleep: She now sleeps in her bed the whole night. She seems to know that it is nighttime. She wakes up to eat around 1 or 2 and between 4 and 6. The great thing is that she just eats and falls right back to sleep. Like a said above she is starting to nap in the morning in her bed or swing. She is still very sleepy and is only awake about 1 hour at the most.

Diaper Size: She moved from Size One  to Size 1-2 on 5/14.

Clothing: She can still wear some 0-3 month clothing, but is quickly moving onto 3-6 month clothes. It is so fun to have a girl to put cute little clothes on. I never thought I would get to enjoy a daughter. It is pretty amazing!

Height/Weight: She grew very quickly. The medical assistant kept getting warning messages as she entered Maggie’s data because it was saying that the increases in percentiles were very large. The MA was entering the correct info. She is just a big girl Smile

Height:23 inches (75th percentile)

Weight: 12 lbs 4 oz. (85th percentile)

Head Circumference: 15 inches (34th percentile)

Eating Habits: She likes to eat every 2-4 hours. She eats a little more in the evening. I think she is storing up for the night.

Development: She is still very sleepy and sleeps most of the day. She seems to have more of a wake/eat/sleep pattern. She coos at us. She likes to watch her brothers.