Friday, March 12, 2010

8 Months

Well, March 2nd has come and gone, and that means it is time for another monthly update. The past months brought about so many changes in our little man. He is so interactive with us. He LOVES Chase. If anyone can get Parker to laugh, it is Chase. They love to take baths together. I am beginning to see little glimpses of what it will be like when they can be playmates. Can't wait! Hopefully, there will more playing than fighting :)

Here are some of Parker's new tricks:
*He army crawls everywhere! He can crawl a little bit, but prefers the army crawl.
*He sits up very well.
*He can go from sitting to his tummy and from crawling to sitting up.
*He can wave bye-bye
*He will rock on all fours when we ask him to. We say "rocky rock" and he goes for it.
*He splashes in the bath tub when we ask him to.
*He is still learning boundaries and the word "no."
*He got his first tooth this month.
*He has started to flirt with strangers. He was flirting with TWO women in a restaurant. With his big blue eyes, this could be just the beginning :)
*He loves praise! He gets so excited when we cheer for him or praise him for obeying.
*We had to lower the crib because he started pulling himself up.
*I think he probably weighs about 20 pounds and he measured 28.5 inches.
*He is wearing size 3 diapers.
*He is still eating 3 times a day. He is now getting some formula bottle and nursing.
*He is taking 2 naps a day. Usually one longer one and a shorter one.
*He is waking up to eat one time per night, but wakes up crying at other points. He puts himself back to sleep though.
*He constantly begs for food from us. We pretty much always share. :)

If Parker is fed and well rested, he is so easy. He loves to observe and watch his brother and Bridget. I am hoping the Lord answered my prayers and gave us a mellower baby :) We really see his little mind developing and it is exciting to see how much he really understands. We are so grateful for our precious Parker!