Wednesday, November 18, 2009

4 Months!

Well Mr. Parker is 4 months old. He is such a joy. He is growing and changing quite a bit.

A few things we have noticed about this little guy. He is very serious. He likes to smile, but sometimes we have to really work for a smile. He is very quiet. He doesn't talk and babble much. However, he does have a good set of lungs which he uses when he is hungry. He seems like he might be the "observer" type. He just sits back and watches the craziness that goes on around our house. He loves to be held. He loves his mommy and daddy. He looks for us in the room and likes to keep an eye on us.

He absolutely loves his brother! Chase does all sorts of things like hugging, kissing, patting, etc. and Parker just smiles. Chase isn't exactly gentle all the time, but P doesn't seem to mind.

We started sleep training about 3 weeks ago. His sleeping has been a little tricky. His naps are not very predictable. Sometimes he will sleep 1-2 hours and other times he sleeps for 25 minutes. I am looking forward to him have set nap times. The biggest change we made was an earlier bedtime. He now goes to bed between 6 and 7 PM. He still wakes up, but we had a 7 hour stretch the other night. I am hopeful this will continue. He usually just wakes up to eat and goes right back to sleep. That is really helpful! He is like his daddy in that he likes to wake up very slowly. It takes a long time for him to come alive in the morning. Chase and I are springers! We wake up very quickly.

Everyone says that he looks "exactly" like his big brother. They do look very similar. However, Parker seems to have different eyes (his eyes are very similar to my Grandma's eyes). He has the most adorable dimples. He actually has 2 sets. When he smiles he has them in his cheeks and up near his eyes. They are too cute!! He actually looks very much like my baby pictures and there are some similarities to my brother's pictures as well. People think that Chase is all Green and looks very much like Abe, so maybe Parker will resemble my side of the family a little more.

He has rolled over one time. He doesn't seem that interested in moving which is fine by me. He has been reaching for toys for quite a while now. He likes pull himself forward and try to sit up. If he is in his bouncy seat, he often sits up to play with the toys. He is still not a fan of tummy time. He has to be really happy, and even then he only lasts a few minutes before the crying begins. He has really good head control. His Dr. told me that his head and neck control are more like a 6 month old.

He is putting everything in his mouth. He often has fingers, blankets, toys, and the sleeves of his shirts in his mouth. He is drooling a ton!

He is a total blankie guy! He loves his blankets. He likes to have them pulled up near his face and he holds them while he falls asleep. I love it!

Unfortunately, Parker has had 2 colds already. The congestion from his first cold hadn't even cleared up and he caught another cold this past weekend. He has lots of congestion in his chest and has a bad cough. It sounds terrible, but the Dr. thought it was ok.

Parker has been a wonderful addition to our family! We love him so much :)

Here are some details I want to remember:

*He is wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes, along with a few 12 months things.
*He is still wearing Size 2 diapers
*He weighed 15 lbs, 10 oz at his four month appointment (90th percentile)
*He was 26.75 inches (90th percentile)
*He eats about 8 times per day

Monday, October 5, 2009

Parker Robert is 3 Months Old!

Our little guy is growing and changing so quickly! People usually make two comments when they see Parker: (1)"he is such a big boy" and (2) "he looks just like his brother." It is kind of strange how similar they look. People think they look like twins.

He has definitely put himself on a little schedule. He wakes up, eats, plays, and takes a nap. He will go from playing and smiling to crying in an instant. At that point he needs to be bundled and put to sleep.

He is smiling, cooing, and starting to blow raspberries. He is batting at toys and reaching for things. He loves the bouncy seat and the swing. He is not a huge fan of tummy time, but he will do it for a while. He loves to kick his feet really fast. He also loves to use his legs and stand up.

He is starting to recognize people. He definitely knows who his mommy is. He usually will calm down with me pretty easily. That is kind of special :)He LOVES Chase. Chase gets in his face and does all sorts of interesting things to him, but Parker always smiles at him. It is amazing how Parker recognizes children. He seems to know that they are young, and he loves them.

We are starting a new night-time routine. We are going to attempt this routine on a regular basis: bath, feeding, song, and put in the crib swaddled but awake. Hopefully, this new routine will help him learn how to fall asleep on his own and stay asleep :) He is waking up quite frequently, and I am tired.

Here are his stats:
*Weight (need to go have him weighed)
*Height (need to measure)
*Size 1-2 diapers (but buying size 2 this week)
*He is wearing mostly 3-6/6 month clothing. He can even wear some 9 month clothing.

We love our little man!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

2 Months!!

*This blog post was started a month ago. It got delayed because of our move. Better late than never.

Parker is 2 months old! So much has changed in a month. This is a very fun and cute stage. He started to wake up around 5 weeks. He still sleeps a lot, but he has a lot more wake periods. Around 4.5 weeks he started to have fussy periods especially at night. He had a few really bad days and nights. I was wondering where my easy-going baby had gone. We were pretty desperate to find out what was going on. We felt bad for him. The crying and screaming was terrible to listen to. After talking to some people and reading, the fussiness seems to be very normal. I just didn't know what was going on because we didn't have that experience with Chase. We bought a sound machine which he seems to really like and helped a little. We also took him to the Dr. to rule out Acid Reflux (or a very severe case of Acid Reflux). The Dr. said he does have it, but that is fairly common as well.

This little guy loves to eat! He is a great eater. He is very efficient. I am grateful that nursing is going well and P is growing like a weed.

He has started to smile which is very fun. It is nice to have a little interaction. We started to use the bouncy seat. He likes to look at the little animals hanging down. He seems to like music as well.

He loves to be held. He will sleep and sleep if he is being held. Very snuggly!

He takes a bottle like a champ which is so helpful for when I need to leave him home to run some errands.

He had his shots this month. He took them pretty well. He just cried a little bit. He got a great report from the Dr. The boys were seen at the same time. Chase had Poison Oak and Parker had his Well-Baby appointment. It is so great to have a Dr. that is willing to see the boys together.

Here are his 2 month stats:
*He wears size 1-2 diapers
*He wears mostly 3-6 months clothes.
*He weighs 13 lbs. 12 oz (90th percentile)
*He measured 24.75 inches (90th percentile)
*He eats every 2-3 hours.
*He sleeps about 4-5 hours in a row during the night and then wakes up to eat

Monday, August 10, 2009

Inquiring minds want to know...

Chase: "Can God wrestle with me?"

Abe: "God wrestled with Jacob."

Chase: "Can God wrestle with ME?"

Abe: "No, not really. God doesn't have a body like men."

Chase: "Why?"

Abe: "Because He doesn't."

Chase: "Why?"

Abe: silence :)

This conversation could go on and on!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Parker is 1 Month Old!

Our little man is 1 month old today! He has been such a blessing and perfect addition to our family. When I am pregnant, it is very hard for me to picture how the baby is going to fit into our life. With both boys, the love was so natural once they were born. It is amazing how your love just expands.

The transition from 1 kiddo to 2 was much smoother than I had imagined it would be.I attribute this to lots of help from our extended family. Our parents have been so helpful. We are so grateful for their involvement in our lives.

Chase LOVES his brother. He is thinks he is so cute and loves to give him kisses. He has showed a tiny bit of jealousy, but nothing like I expected. I think that these two boys will be really good friends someday. Chase can't wait for Parker to play baseball with him and kick soccer balls.

Parker is such a sweet little guy! God is so good in that he designed infants to sleep lots and lots during the first month. This helps make up for the night wakings :) Parker is a very sleepy little guy. As I type he is sleeping on my chest. He seems to have a relaxed and mellow disposition. I am hoping and praying this remains.

We are trying to figure out who he looks like. There are many things about him that resemble Chase. However, I think he has own distinct look. He is slightly bigger than Chase was at this age. He has very large hands and feet.

I will probably say this every month, but time is just flying by. I can't believe he is already a month old. I am treasuring every moment with him because I learned the hard way with Chase that the baby stage vanishes very quickly.

Here are some things I want to remember from this first month:
*he is wearing Size 1 diapers
*he is aproximately 9-9.5 lbs
*he eats every 2-3 hours and is a super efficient eater
*he wakes up about twice during the night
*he definitely needs to be burped. He gets so uncomfortable :(
*he loves blankets and to be wrapped up
*he has almost outgrown all of his newborn sized clothes and wears mostly 0-3 month clothes
*he LOVES to be held
*he makes the cutest noises and grunts that almost sounds like a little goat
*he has a deep little voice
*he mainly only cries if he is cold, hungry, or has a burp
*he usually has a long awake time in the morning
*he is not a huge fan of the car and carseat, but it isn't too bad
*he loves when we sing "Jesus Loves Me"
*his favorite activity when he is awake is looking at light :)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Pictures of P

My dear friend Sarah Moulton came to our house to take some pictures of Parker last week. It was so sweet of her to take time out of her busy schedule (she has a 3 years old and a 12 month old) to capture some sweet moments with our little guy. I wanted to use some of the pictures for his birth announcment (which is done and just needs to be mailed out). She did a fabulous job, and we will treasure these pictures for years. Here is a little montage of the pictures she took.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Baby Feet!

I have a slight obsession. I LOVE baby feet!! Here are some of my faves :)

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26 Hours of Labor

This pretty much sums up my labor experience :)
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First Walk to the Park

We took our first walk to the park today. It was nice to get the boys outside before it got too warm. They did pretty well. Parker slept the whole time. Chase had fun at the park. It felt good to get some exercise. I walked a total of 2 miles. Yay!

Here are my cuties!!
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Parker Robert Green

On July 2nd at 1:52 AM, we welcomed Parker Robert Green into our family. We are so grateful to the Lord for a perfectly healthy baby. The labor and delivery was a little rough, but he was SO worth it all.

Little P has been the perfect addition to our family. He has been such an easy baby so far. He eats well and sleeps lots. He even sleeps for long periods at night. I only wake up about once a night. He only cries if he is hungry or when we are changing his clothes or diapers. Abe keeps telling me not to get my heart set on the fact that he appears to be a mellow guy. That has been one of my constant prayer requests for the past 9 months. He keeps telling me that could change very quickly, but I am going to enjoy it while I can.

We are so very blessed! I am soaking in every minute because I learned the hard way with Chase that the baby days are so short and fly by so quickly. I am spending far less time on the computer which is why it has taken me so long to post this. I am just enjoying my boys.

Here are some things that I want to remember about Parker's first two weeks of life:
*He loves to sleep with his hands up by his face (especially his right hand)
*He does not like being cold. He loves being wrapped in a warm blanket.
*He has big hands and feet.
*He is long and lanky.
*His favorite activity is sleeping in his Boppy.
*He loves when Daddy rubs his legs. He sticks them straight out.
*He has a deep voice. He sounds like a growling little lion when he stretches or is hungry.
*He tries so hard to suck his thumb.
*He loves to be held.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Today we all take the time to acknowledge our fathers. God's Wisdom is so clearly shown in His design of the family unit. Dad's bring about such a balance to a family. I am so grateful that I had a very present and involved dad. He was/is not perfect, but he has been a dependable, faithful, loving, hardworking man.

Before getting married, I always knew that marrying a man who was good with children was very important to me. That is something that I always admired with Abe. His nieces were always climbing all over him or he was playing with him. He seemed to truly enjoy being with them. However, you don't actually know how a person will be with their own kids. You can only look for the makings of a good father and you just trust that will actually be the case. Well, with Abe he has far exceeded my expectations. He is really one of the best dads I know! He loves his son. He comes home from work and he is ready to play, wrestle, snuggle, and care for our kiddo. He is patient and faithful to correct Chase when there is a need. He is a fun dad. He plans fun outings and loves to surprise Chase with little treats like a Happy Meal from McDonalds. Not only does he play with Chase, but he is able to take care of him in every way. I can leave the house and trust that Chase will be taken care of perfectly. From day one, he was willing and did change diapers. He gives baths, brushes teeth, makes good meals, etc. He is faithful to put Chase to bed every night and prays with him before he falls asleep. Words really can't describe the relationship he has with Chase. Chase LOVES his daddy. He will randomly tell me throughout the day "I love daddy."

God has blessed our family with an awesome dad! We love you, Abe :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Today we get to hear the testimonies and witness the baptisms of my cousins Kevin and Valerie Stone. We are so excited that we get to be a part of this wonderful day. What a blessing the Lord has saved them at such a young age. We also rejoice with my Aunt Karen and Uncle Peter. All four of their children have been baptized and are members of the same church. What a testament of God's faitfulness and the realization of God's promise that if you raise your children in the "fear and admonition of the Lord they shall not depart from it." Praise the Lord!

Friday, May 8, 2009

More conversations with Chase

We have some fun conversations in the car with Chase. He is very talkative, and doesn't like to be excluded from our conversations. He will often time say "what are you talking about, mama?" He definitely wants to contribute. Last night we were driving to dinner, and Abe and I were talking about something. From the back seat we hear a loud yawn, and Chase tells us that he is "awfully tiwed (tired)." We started laughing. Abe told that him that he was impressed with his use of an adverb :)


The other night we were getting ready to go feed the ducks. Chase was ready before we were, so he decided to unlock the door and run outside (we definitely need to install child locks on the doors pronto). Abe, kind of in a kidding way, told him to get his buns back inside or he was going to spank them. Chase's reply, "my buns have already been spanked!"

Yes, that is our TWO year olds response. We had a good laugh out of that one!


Chase refers to his cousins as "the girls." However, he doesn't pronounce it correctly. He pronounces it as "grills."


Chase has a long list of people who he likes to pray for before he goes to bed. The list includes his Uncle Ben Ben and the "the grills," Halloweena (Allie Blaising), Daddy, Mommy and the baby, all of his grandparents, Joshua (from the story of Joshua and the Battle of Jericho), and last night he asked to pray for the "bad guys" (whoever that may be). LOL!

Chase's Idea for a Name

On the way home last night, I asked Chase what we should name the baby (the baby is still nameless). He told me we should name the baby "Jesus."

I couldn't help but laugh!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

7 Months Down, 2 to Go!

My due date is 2 months away! I am fully expecting to go past my due date, but I am hoping not too far past or I will have a scheduled c-section between 41 and 42 weeks. The baby is getting bigger and the kicks, punches, rolls, etc. are getting very strong and bordering on painful.

The baby is still nameless, but I think we may be getting closer. Abe and I are both getting excited about meeting our little guy. It will be nice to have a teeny tiny baby around the house again!

Some Recent Conversations with Chase

Here is a conversation that Chase had with Grandpa Green. Grandpa Green has 3 snakes. Chase likes to feed the snakes with his Grandpa. We went to the pet store to pick up the feeder mice which was the highlight for Chase. He loves the pet store. We went back to the house, and went to the garage to begin the whole feeding process (this is definitely not my thing and I am so glad that Chase gets to share these experiences with his Grandpa). Here is the conversation that Chase had with his Grandpa after the mice were placed in the cages:

Chase: "Why are the snakes eating the mice?"

Grandpa: "Because God made snakes to eat mice."

Chase: "I don't like God."

Gotta love how the little mind thinks!

Chase loves to eat peanut butter and brown sugar on bread. That is his favorite breakfast by far. He loves to help me in the kitchen as well, so when I am making his sandwich he asks to help. He loves to spread the peanut butter. This is how he asks:

"Mama can I peanut butter the bread?"


If you ask him what his favorite color is this will be his response:

"I wike welwow" (he pronounces "L" as a "W")

There are some more things that I will include in the post once I can remember them. I want to record as many of the cute things he says as possible. They are so easy to forget, but they are SO precious.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Set of X-rays :(

After a terrible flu bug that lasted about 5 days, Chase had the unfortunate experience of injuring his ankle. He was so sick last week and just laid around the whole time, so by the time Sunday came around he was getting his normal super-human amounts of energy back. After church was over, he was playing with the big boys (5-10 year olds) in the back of the sanctuary. He does this often and thinks he is as big and strong as the big boys. The kids were running and jumping off the stairs. He had done this probably over 10 times. The last time he jumped he landed funny, rolled his ankle, and immediately started to cry. Abe looked at me and promptly said "we need to GO!" There have been many times since Chase's birth that we have told each other that. This is our way of telling each other that a meltdown is fast approaching. I digress.

After leaving church, he was whining and saying his foot hurt. He didn't actually walk on it until we got home. He was wobbly and limping. This is not normal. He is usually very steady and well-balanced. I was somewhat alarmed to see my 2 year old limping. Chase also has a very high pain tolerance. That is has been nice in most circumstances, but it also makes it difficult to determine if he has a more serious injury. We watched him throughout the day. At one point we thought about bringing him to the emergency room, but we decided to wait until the next day and make an appointment with his Dr.

Chase's Dr. is awesome! Can't say enough about this guy. He loves kids and is very good at what he does. He is main goal is to make your visit as efficient and effective as possible. Perfect for a toddler. He looked at Chase's foot and heard that he was limping. He sent us to get x-rays immediately. Chase did so well with the x-rays. At certain points I had to leave the room and he didn't even flinch! So proud of him. We went back to see the Dr. and review the x-rays. He had no breaks which was a huge relief. We are supposed to watch for improvement. If he seems to be better today, then we just leave it at that. If he is still limping and wobbly, we call the Dr. and will go see a podiatrist. We were in and out of Kaiser in 50 minutes. I was relieved that he didn't break a bone! God is good!

Friday, April 17, 2009

After a fabulous recommendation from one of our friends, we decided to join the Caboose Club at the California Railroad Museum. For $20 your child gets a pass that allows one parent to accompany them to the Museum throughout the year. Chase and I ventured over there one morning and had a blast. The place was nearly empty, and we got to explore. Our favorite section of the Museum was the Children's play area. They have two large train tables, an electric train to watch, and numerous other model trains to view. We have been a total of 3 times since getting our membership. We will definitely get our money's worth out of this membership! Here are some picutres from our little excursion.

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This is how my little man loves to sleep and relax. He has always loved to have his feet crossed. We think this is a habit he started before he was even born. He was breech and more specifically sitting Indian style. He started sleeping with his hands behind his head about 5 months ago. I sleep like that, so maybe that is where he got that from. Funny things we pass on to our kids.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

The 5th...

ultrasound is scheduled for next Tuesday! If you can believe it, I will be getting another U/S. The Dr. measured me yesterday, and I was still measuring about 1.5 to 2 weeks behind. She thinks everything is ok, but she wants to check and make sure the baby is growing well. I am not too concerned because I measured behind the whole pregnancy with Chase. Thanks to the Green side it doesn't look like we will have large babies. Woohoo! A small baby combined with my super long waist leads to me carrying on the small side. Another reason may be due to the fact that my body gets confused when I am pregnant. It thinks you should look pregnant from behind and not in the front :( I would be measuring way ahead if that were taken into consideration!!

It will be fun to see our little man again. I hope to be able to see more of the ultrasound this time around.

I think our hope for a mellow baby may be in vain. I think 4 out of the last 5 appointments the baby has been referred to as a "stinker." He likes to hide when they look for his heartbeat. They know he is ok because they can feel him moving. When they finally find the heartbeat, he starts kicking the doppler! I have to laugh because it keeps happening over and over. He must have a sense of humor :)

That is it for the 28 week appointment. We are coming down the home stretch!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

April Already!?!?

This year is just flying by! It seems like we were just putting Christmas decorations away. We celebrated Easter with my mom's side of the family last Saturday. Chase, Bridget, and Tyler had a really fun Easter egg hunt in my grandparents yard. We got to enjoy 3 baby chicks as well. Family, fun, and food made for a wonderful evening. As we were driving home, I was almost in tears thinking about the huge blessing it is to live near our family. God is so good!

Sunday was not a typical Sunday. I had not been feeling well, and after a call to the advice nurse I was told to go get checked out at Labor and Delivery. After about an hour, everything looked great and I was told to increase my water intake. I have been terrible about drinking water during this pregnancy. That has changed!!

I have a regular appointment today with my Dr. It should be pretty routine. I do have to take the gestational diabetes test. Not my favorite, but it will be over in an hour. :)

Tomorrow we are heading out to visit my dad's parents in San Jose. It will be nice to visit and catch up with them. We haven't seen them since my grandpa had hip replacement surgery. It will be nice to see the improvement in his health since having the surgery. I hear that he is doing wonderfully! Praise the Lord!! Weather permitting we will head to Santa Cruz tomorrow afternoon. The kids (Bridget and Chase) will have fun playing in the sand. They are so excited about going to the beach.

I better run. I have to clean and get ready to leave tomorrow. Fridays are usually my cleaning day, but we won't be home. Cleaning and packing aren't my favorite tasks, but I am so grateful that I have the energy and ability to complete those tasks. This week I have been comtemplating what a blessed life I have been given. My heart is grateful to the Lord! How I wish that would always be my heart's disposition.

Have a blessed Easter celebrating Christ's death and resurrection! How glorious!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baby No-Name Update (25 weeks)

Here is a little update about our other baby that is on the way. At my last appointment (March 17th), the Dr. asked me if we had names the baby. I said not yet. She said well let's see how Baby No-Name is doing. This is what we found out.

He does not like to have his heartbeat checked. He has hidden from her a couple of times. When she finally found the heartbeat, he gave the doppler a really hard kick. We both started laughing.

He appears to be small like his brother was. I measured 2 weeks behind the average. I measured at 22 CM when most people should measure 24 CM. I guess you should measure 1 CM for every week that you are pregnant. I explained that I was the same way with Chase, and that he was just a small baby when he was born. She told me that if I fell behind any more (2.5 CM) that they would have to do another Ultrasound to check on fluid levels and the baby's growth. I had to have this done with Chase at 32 weeks, and it was nervewracking. However, I am not too worried this time around because I know that we are probably just going to have a small baby. All of the Greens were on the smaller side, and thanfully those genes are coming through for us. My side of the family has ginormous babies. Yikes! If the Dr. wants to do another Ultrasound that is fine with me. It is always fun to see my baby :)

This baby moves around a lot! I love it! He gets hiccups frequently. I just figured out what was going on. I never realized that the rhythmic movements I felt with Chase were hiccups. How dumb am I!?!? Well, now I know.

I am trying to take really good care of myself. I have started to walk 5-6 times per week. I have also started to watch my food intake. When I am careful about when and how much I am eating, the quality of my food choices always gets better. It has been good for our whole family. I have gained 12 pounds so far in this pregnancy. Hopefully, I will keep my weight gain to about 25 pounds or less.

One last story. On Thursday, I went out to dinner with some friends and while waiting on a table we sat down in the bar area. The bartender walked up and asked me what I was "having." My friend spoke up and said, "she is having a baby." LOL! The poor girl was embarrassed and offered me a water or a soda. She had no idea I was pregnant! I am sure that won't be happening much longer :)

Learning Shapes

On the way to MOPS on Friday, I had to pack Chase's breakfast in the car because he slept in so late. As we are driving, he says "mama look I have a triangle." He had eaten his peanut butter sandwich into the shape of a triangle. I had no idea that he even knew what a triangle was. Apparently, he has been learning about shapes lately. We have a wooden shape puzzle that he has played with a few times, so maybe that is where he picked that up. Not really sure, but I was shocked.

He is also really into telling us what color things are. He told me that his "alligators" are brown. He likes to point out the different colors that he sees. It is amazing how much kids just pick up on their own without instruction. They pick up the good and the bad, so we are having to be a little more careful with our language and content of our conversation. He is NOT oblivious anymore.

Chase's New Shoes

Here are Chase's new shoes-Crocs. I haven't always been a fan, but these things are great for the warm Spring and Summers in Sacramento. They let the kids feet breathe, they don't get stinky, they can get wet, and they are super comfortable for the little feet.

On Friday, we went to pick up a pair of these bad boys. Chase wanted to wear them out of the store. He then proceeded to ask me to wear them during his nap. When it came time for his nap, he was so tired that I was able to take them off. My favorite part of this experience is when he asked me if he could wear his "alligators" to Grandma's house. He saw the picture of the crocodile on the side, and thought it was an alligator.

So Chase owns "alligators" and not Crocs! :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chase at 19 Weeks
Baby Boy #2 at 19 Weeks

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Baby Update

On February 10th, we had the in depth Ultrasound that measures the baby and looks for all the parts. The baby looks great. He is measuring right on track. The U/S had the due date set for July 4th. This is also the time that they can determine the gender. There is very little doubt that this baby is a BOY! We have the picture to prove it :) I will post those at the end.

This baby moves alot. I started feeling movement around 17 weeks, but he is really starting to kick and roll. This is my absolute favorite part of pregnancy. He has definitely found my bladder which I could do without. On Sunday, he was moving and kicking so much that you could see it from the outside and Abe could feel it. Very funny!

We are really struggling to name this baby. There aren't too many that we agree on, so we are just waiting until we find the right one. I really like to know the name of the baby, so we can start referring to the baby by his name. I am pretty sure we will have a name by the time he is born :)
We are so grateful for the blessing of this new baby. It seems that this little one is healthy and growing right on track. What more could we ask for!

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chase Update

On February 8th, Chase was 2 1/4 years old. I had most of this post written on that day, but never finished it. Blogging has not been my thing lately. However, here is the update. There is very little about him that seems babyish anymore. The three things I can think of are his use of his pacifier and blanket and his need for 2 naps most of the time. Other than that he talks and moves like a big kid.

The past month or two has been rough. With me not feeling the best and a busy schedule, we saw a decline in Chase's behavior. This can also be attributed to his age. We definitely experienced what people call the terrible twos. He is a highly independent child. He thinks he knows what is best. If we cross his will, there is quite a scene. We are constantly reminding him of who is in charge. He experienced some of the worst temper tantrums. They had him and me in tears. We have been making a conscious effort of training him to obey us the first time we tell him to do something. He would wait until we would tell him the 5th time to obey and we would raise our voices. After reading a book on child training, we learned that we had "taught" him to wait to obey until we had told him 5 times and raised our voices. We are working on keeping a calm tone and making him obey after we tell him 1 time. It has been about a week and we have seen much improvement. Yay!

In general, Chase is a fun little boy. He says and does such funny things. He can talk up a storm. My days are filled with many conversations. One thing that is so helpful is that he can communicate his needs. There are very few times we are left guessing what is that he wants. He can communicate his needs almost too well :)

He has started to pretend. He talks to his stuffed animals. He tells them to open their mouths, so he can give them water out of his sippy. He is very aware of what is "pretend" and what is "real life." I am not really sure where he learned the difference, but somewhere along the line he picked that concept up.

He has also started to be interested in playing with other kids. He loves to play with Bridgie which is a huge milestone. He had almost no interest in playing with her for many months. This change has made such a huge improvement in our daily lives. Much less fighting between the two kiddos. Ahhh! As far as playing with kids closer to his age, he needs to develop in that area. He is a very possessive kid (as are 99% of 2 year olds), and has a hard time sharing. This makes playing with other 2 year olds a little sketchy. It will all come in time though.

We are slowly easing him into the idea of having a sibling. We tell him that he is going to be a big brother. Last week I was talking to him about buying the baby new pacifiers and blankets and that he needed to help me pick them out. He thought that was a good idea. If you ask Chase if he is going to have a brother or a sister, he will say "not a sister." He really wanted a sister, but the Lord had other plans. That is in the next post :)

We love our little boy so much. He is a challenge, but we can't imagine our lives without him.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Wonderful Husband!

Abe and I and have been married for 3 years (October 2005). During the first year we had a lot of adjustments to get used to. Living with each other and getting to know each other on a whole different level had its ups and downs. Throw pregnancy and a newborn into the mix and at some points it wasn't pretty. We have some of our best and worst memories from that first year.

As time has gone on, it has been so fun to see our marriage grow and develop. We still have our ups and downs, but honestly we are having more ups and than downs. For me, watching my husband with our son has created a whole new level of respect that I have towards Abe. He is a fabulous father. One of the best in my opinion. He comes home happy every night. He walks in the door, and greets us with an excited "hi guys!" He comes home ready to play and interact with Chase. This is probably Chase's favorite time of day. :) He never acts like playing with Chase is a bother. He does the bedtime routine most of the time. If I leave them at home, I can fully trust that Abe will take perfect care of Chase and never worry. It is just such a blessing to have such a, capable, loving and kind husband.

He has also been simply amazing the last three months with me being pregnant and feeling less than stellar. He comes home ready to help with Chase, dinner, errands, or whatever the need is at the moment. On the weekends he takes Chase to the park, so I can get a good nap. The list could go on.

Parenthood has brought about some challenges and it still is. However, I think it has helped us in our marriage to grow closer to one another and to God. You can't ask for more than that. I wanted to take the time to acknowledge the gift that God has given to me, Chase, the baby to come. God is good!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday School Party

About twice a year our church has a party that includes pizza, rootbeer floats, and fun games. This year Chase was old enough to go and participate a little. Here are some pictures from the evening.

Chase's favorite church hangout-the piano!

Chase's cousin Katie.

Christmas Tree Hunt

We got our tree a little later than normal this year. Thanksgiving was later, and we wait until after Christmas to get our tree. We had a very cold and foggy December this year. We had trouble finding trees that were dry enough to bring in and start decorating. We have yet to brave going and cutting a tree down since we have been married, so we go to a local Christmas tree lot. We have gotten our tree there for the past 3 years. They have pretty nice trees, and we can't beat the ease of going right down the street.

Chase had lots of fun running around the lot and hiding in the trees. It was fun to chase him around. We found the smallest tree we could find, and were on our way to decorate. Here are some pictures that we took. We were also able to try out our new Canon Xsi. Lots of fun :)

Here is the winner!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Long time, no post!

Between the holidays, pregnancy related yuckiness, and a busy schedule the blog has been neglected.

I am hoping to do a couple big updates including Christmas, Disneyland, New Year's, baby #2 update, and a Chaser update.

We are doing well though! Check back soon for some updates.