Monday, December 8, 2008

Yummy Recipe!

Here is a really good recipe that I made for dinner tonight:

Light Alfredo Sauce
-1 cup cream cheese
-2 cups 0-2% milk
-1 cup parmesean cheese
-5 cloves garlic
-1.5 tsp. pepper
-1 tsp. salt
-5 tbs. dried parsley or1 cup fresh parsley
Combine the first 6 ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth. Pour the mixture into a sauce pan (over medium heat), add the parsley. Cook for about 10 minutes. Pour over your favorite pasta and toss. (I used 1 lb of pasta, but the sauce is super heavy. Probably could use over 2 pounds of pasta and be ok)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

We all got it!

Well, we all got the flu. Thankfully, it was pretty minor. Chase had a minor case. Mine was a little worse, but thanks to my wonderful husband and my mom I was able to survive. After about 24 hours on the couch and a good night sleep, it seems to have left! Chase and I both had the flu shot. So much for that working :(

On a side note, Chase ran some errands with Abe last night. As he was getting in the car seat he said, "Daddy, I am a smart cookie." Haha! He has heard us call him that before, and he is now repeating it. Abe thought that was hilarious!

Hope everyone is having fun decorating and getting ready for Christmas :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

More Chase-isms

"Mama, I am sick. I need glue on my tummy."

"Mama, you pretty."


The flu has found our house. :( Abe is home sick with a really nasty flu. Let's hope that Chase and I will stay well. It would be a really bad time for us all to be sick.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chase's Two Year Dr. Appointment

Forgot to post this 2 weeks ago. So better late than never.

Chase had his two year Dr. appointment yesterday. Daddy got to go with us which was a big treat. Overall, Chase got a really good report from the Dr. He did not like the weighing, measuring, examination, or shot very much. He let us know by crying very loudly. I think he may be somewhat traumatized from the whole burn experience. He started freaking out right as we walked in the door. He wanted to "snuggle mama." He kept repeating that over and over. It was so pathetic and cute at the same time.

The Dr. said that he has nice teeth. He wanted us to go to the dentist in the 6 months. We will see if that happens. He mentioned that his language skills were excellent. The worst part of the the appointment was his last Hepatitis A shot. He wasn't fond of that experience. A very different reaction than when he got his flu shot 2 weeks before. He didn't make a peep for that shot. This time he knew what was coming. The good news is that he doesn't get anymore shots (besides the flu shot if we choose to get it) until he is getting ready for Kindergarten. Yay!

Here are his two year stats:

Weight:29.6 pounds (69th percentile)
Height:36.5 inches (95th percentile)
Head: 19.5 inches (75th percentile)

We are thankful for a healthy kiddo!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Chase is TWO!!!

Wow! I can't believe that I am writing this. The time has just flown by. I woke up at 6:15 AM and I started thinking about what was going on two years ago at that time. We were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little boy. He was born at 6:45 AM. Our quiet, tiny, precious baby has done a lot of growing since then. He came into this world so quiet and mellow. He was 6 pounds 6 ounces and measured 19.25 inches. What a difference 730 days has made. Now at 30 pounds and almost 3 feet tall, he has changed our lives for the better in so many ways. We bless God for His gift to us. Here is a little update on our little man's development.

He is super talkative, and is constantly communicating with us. About 2 months ago he started talking in sentences. He is very capable of communicating his needs to us. This can be helpful and sometimes somewhat annoying. I would describe Chase as determined and persistent (if kept in check are good character traits that I hope he keeps as an adult); however, when it comes to getting what he wants he can become a broken record and makes the same request over and over again. For example, if he wants a certain CD on in the car he will ask until we put it on. Often times we are forced to say "shhhh" and be patient. Those are common phrases in our household.

He has an incredible memory. He doesn't let us forget any promises. This actually quite helpful. I will often times ask him to remind me about something and he will. He is able to find toys that he is hidden. He tells "stories" about incidents that have happend in the past. He loves music and can repeat lyrics. A funny little story. One of Chase's favorite songs is "Bob That Head" by Rascal Flatts. One time Abe asked me if I wanted to listen to some Rascal Flatts. Chase chimes in "Bob That Head, Daddy. Every Friday night." He connected that Rascal Flatts sings "Bob That Head" and then proceeded to repeat one of the lines (every friday night). Anyway, we were blown away that he pays that much attention to what he is listening to. He is currently "singing" Twinkle Twinkle, the ABCs, and Happy Birthday.

Chase is quite the ham and loves to make us laugh. He knows the things that make us and our family laugh and does them to get a rise out of us. His new phrases are "watch this, mommy, watch this"(or whoever he is showing off for) or "look at me." It is pretty obvious that he is the center of our attention. We like it, but at the same time we try to keep a handle on that. That could be interesting when he is 30. :)

Chase is super active. He loves to be on the move. When we are out running errands, Chase typically has some sort of ball in his hand. He LOVES balls. Anything round is a ball. He can catch and throw. He can also bat a ball out of the air. One our activities consists of us tossing the ball and Chase hitting it with his bat. He loves to try to throw balls in basketball hoops. He is learning how to kick and dribble the soccer ball. He loves to ride scooters. As his mother, I had thought that we would encourage Chase to be interested in many different types of activities such as music, reading, athletics, etc. Chase's interest in sports was innate. We didn't encourage this area of interest more than another. It is amazing to see a little one with so much passion. I love it. Hopefully, with some guidance Chase will have diverse interests and be a well-rounded individual.

As far as his physical development, he seems like he is pretty average in size. We will find out more on Tuesday when we go to the Dr. People usually comment that he is big, but I honestly can't tell. His Uncle Johnny says he has a "big dome." Not sure if his head is above average, but I do know that it is much harder than the average head. Yikes! Stay away from the head butts. They will make you cry! He loves to run and is quite agile. Because of his constant movement he gets lots of bumps and bruises. Thankfully, the Lord has spared us from many major injuries. The biggest injury we have had was his burn. Thankfully, that has healed beautifully with minimal scarring. The Lord has also blessed him with an incredible pain tolerance. He rarely crys due to his injuries. If he does cry, we know it is bad. This was observed when he was 1 day old by the nurses at the hospital. When the nurses and Abe took him to get "snipped," he didn't make a peep. The nurse came back and told us that he was "the tiniest, but the bravest." That has remained with him.

It has been wonderful to have Chase in Sunday School. He likes to go, and is learning a lot. We review the handouts that get sent home with him, and it is amazing the stuff that he retains. Chase loves to pray at meals and before bed at night. He makes the list of people he wants to pray for. Our prayer is the seeds that are being planted at such a young age will not return void. We hope that our little man will become a mighty man of God. We are working on being kind and not hitting. We are also working on sharing. "Mine" is one of Chase's favorite words. Not good. These are the big issues at the moment.

Some of my favorite moments with Chase are before naps and at bedtime. We read books, snuggle, and talk about our day. A sweet reward after tough moments with a toddler.

I have written a lot, and I could probably write more. It is good for me to write this stuff out because I forget so much. If you have gotten this far you deserve a reward.

Happy Birthday, precious boy!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween 2008

We took Bridget and Chase out trick-or-treating on Friday out in my grandparents' little town. It was such beautiful weather. The rain held off and we had a blast. Here is our little cowboy and his cowgirl aunt :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chase's New Name

He came up with this all on his own. We have no idea where he picked this up :)

Barney Wedding Pics

Here are a few wedding pics from Brandon and Janna's wedding. The photos are courtesy of Wesley Stone. He is a fantastic photographer. I hope to get more pictures soon.

Grandpa and Grandma Green with some of the grandkids.

Uncle Ben Ben with the girly girls (minus Summer)

Chase sporting his new cowboy boots from Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve.

Bridget and Elysia decorating Brandon's and Janna's truck.

Chase playing (pounding) the piano.

New Saying

Chase's new saying, "I am cited mama." That means he is excited about something. Yesterday, he told me he was "cited" about seeing one of his baby friend Lainie. Today he is excited about his new soccer ball. Too cute!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Playa del Carmen-Part 2

*Edit* This blog post has been in the works for weeks. Life has been crazy. It isn't perfect, but I am going to post it anyway. :)

We had a wonderful week-long trip to Playa del Carmen (about 50 minutes from Cancun) this month. We left on 9/16/08. My morning started very early. 3:30 AM to be exact. Our flight left Sacramento at 6:30 AM, and Abe's mom graciously drove us to the airport, parked, and helped us get in the airport with all of our baggage (4 checked bags, 2 carry-ons, 1LARGE Britax carseat, a stroller, and 1 wild toddler). That was a HUGE help. The airplane is a little boy's wonderland. All the airplanes and equipment were so fascinating to him.After getting on the plane, it was pretty smooth sailing. We had been talking to Chase about flying for a long time. He loves airplanes and points them out in the sky and in books all the time. He was so excited and smiled the whole time during our take-off and landings (the return trip was a different story). He took pretty good naps on both flights. We flew to Dallas and then on to Cancun. Here we are on the first flight to Dallas. Chase loves fruit leather :)

I am going to post the rest of our pictures from our trip. We were not really able to get that many pictures of the three of us, so most of them are individual or pictures of 2 of us together.

Before I post the pictures, I will give you an idea of how we spent our days. We let ourselves sleep in, so we would typically sleep until about 8. That got earlier as the week went on. Sleeping in and toddler usually aren't a good combo. We would then get ready and head off to breakfast. After breakfast we would head back to our room and slather ourselves in SPF 50 sunscreen and get our swim gear together. Humidity and suncreens are just a fabulous combination. Such a wonderful feeling :( We would then head off to the beach. We would drop our stuff off under the palm trees and find as much shade as possible. We grabbed the sands toys, floaties, snorkel gear, and camera and headed into the water. We usually spent about 1.5 hours in the water or playing at the water's edge.

We would then head up to our lawn chairs and grab Chase a snack. We would take a small rest and re-apply suncreen. We would then head to the pool. The pool was amazing. There was an upper and lower pool. It had fountains and and tiled chairs to sunbathe in. Fabulous! One of Chase's favorite activities was to sit on the edge of the upper pool and fall down to the lower pool. It was about a 6 foot drop. One of us would be in the upper pool and the other down below. He would do this about 20 times in a row. He has NO fear :)

We would then go to lunch at the restaurant right out by the pool. After we were re-fueled we would usually head to the beach again for 1-2 hours. After the beach we would either go back to the pool for a while or head in for a nap. We were usually back in our room between 3 and four. We would shower and Chase would take a long nap.

After his nap we would get ready and head to dinner around 6:30. We would eat and then hang out in the fountain area. Usually there was some sort of entertainment. We would usually head back to our room between 8:30 and 9:30. At this point we were all ready to relax. Chase took all of his naps and slept in our bed the whole time. We had the Pea Pod, but daddy decided to spoil him and let him sleep with us. It was nice and cozy :)

This was pretty much our schedule for 6 days. There isn't much sitting around when you take a toddler along. We were on the move! We were so happy Chase was with us though. We wouldn't have changed a thing. Time for me to shut up and get to the best part-the pictures!!

Playa del Carmen-Part 1

We had a wonderful week-long trip to Playa del Carmen (about 50 minutes from Cancun) this month. We left on 9/16/08. My morning started very early. 3:30 AM to be exact. Our flight left Sacramento at 6:30 AM, and Abe's mom graciously drove us to the airport, parked, and helped us get in the airport with all of our baggage (4 checked bags, 2 carry-ons, 1LARGE Britax carseat, a stroller, and 1 wild toddler). That was a HUGE help. The airplane is a little boy's wonderland. All the airplanes and equipment were so fascinating to him.After getting on the plane, it was pretty smooth sailing. We had been talking to Chase about flying for a long time. He loves airplanes and points them out in the sky and in books all the time. He was so excited and smiled the whole time during our take-off and landings (the return trip was a different story). He took pretty good naps on both flights. We flew to Dallas and then on to Cancun. Here we are on the first flight to Dallas. Chase loves fruit leather :)

We arrived around 3:20 PM. Cancun is on Central time, so 2 hours ahead of California. After arriving, you have to go through Customs and show some paper work and passports. After Customs, you grab your baggage (thank goodness for baggage carts) and head through Security. Not fun with a toddler. Once we were through Securtity we headed out the door into the Great Wall of HUMIDITY. It is so humid and hot. Thankfully, our shuttle was waiting and we were able to get some AC quite quickly. I have never been so happy to see a 15-passenger van :) After the lengthy drive, crazy Mexican roads and driving, some rain, and wrangling an exasperated cranky toddler for an hour we finally made it to our hotel. Ahhh!We headed to our room and unpacked a little. We couldn't wait to eat. We hadn't eaten all day. We had a few snacks, but that was it. We changed our clothes and headed to the wonderful buffet. It was so delicious and the servers were so friendly and kind. The people who worked at the resort were super friendly and kind. They are wonderful people. They absolutley adored Chase. I don't think he has ever gotten some many high-fives and head rubs. At some meals the servers would just stand around our table to talk and play with Chase. Super funny! They made some funny comments like "he looks like Brad Pitt," he is "muy bonito," he is "pretty" and they would pronounce his name "Cheese." The ladies at the front desk would call "Cheese, Cheese" trying to get him to come visit them and give them hugs. Too funny! We hit the hay pretty early that night. We did walk down to the beach in the dark to let Chase feel the sand and the WARM ocean. We also got acquainted the Mexican birds I mean Mexican mosquitoes. Yikes! Abe went directly to the gift shop to buy our $9 bottle of Off. So worth it!Here are some pictures from our first full day. As you can see the humidity got to the camera. I was able to finally get it dry and it started to take some normal pictures.

Chase didn't even hesitate while getting in the ocean. He would just run dive in. It was so fun to watch. This was our first day in the ocean. It was a blast! We could skorkel right where those barriers are in the background. We would take turns playing with Chase and snorkeling. It was a amazing. The fish were so close to the beach that Chase could even see them swimming. We even had a feeder fish following us around in the water. I was able to see a sting ray. There were huge schools of fish. Beautiful!

First Day of Sunday School-9/7/08

Chase began Sunday School this month. The teachers are amazing-Mrs. Shank and Mrs. Jensen. I sat in on the first class just to observe how Chase would handle a whole hour of structured activity much of which is quiet and done in a chair. This is not Chase's style. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how well he did. He seemed to enjoy himself. The class is a mix of 2 and 3 year olds. Since his birthday falls before December he gets to attend.

He was the most outgoing, talkative, youngest, and of course the most active toddler. It is amazing what kids can learn at this age. I am so grateful for the sweet and patient teachers that are willing to help teach Chase about God, His Word, and our wonderful Creation. We are especially grateful for Mrs. Jensen who sits next to Chase to keep him focused and in his chair (she raised a boy so she understands) They started with Creation and are moving through the Old Testament. He gets to take papers home that cover the main topics of the lesson. We hope to review the stories with Chase to provide reinforcement.

Chase talks about some of the kids and his teachers. He especially likes Geoffry. Chase and Geoffry are the only boys. Hopefully, as he grows up the kids in his class will all become good friends. Here are some pictures of the first day. I felt wierd bringing my camera, but this was a big day for our little man.
PS-I heard from my cousin last night that Chase's teacher reported to her that they have a really easy class and Chase. Hmmm! I was wondering why when I ask the teachers how the class went they look at each other, laugh, and say "really well." They claim that they really enjoy him. We shall see!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Megan Hope Myers

Please pray for the little Myers baby. She made a very early arrival. You can find the full story on her Aunt's blog:

Monday, September 1, 2008

Angel Island Run

In August, some of our family and myself went to Angel Island for a 12K/25K run. It was super hilly and a tough course, but it felt good to run the whole thing. Four of us ran in the race, and the rest of the group stayed behind to cheer us on and enjoy the beautiful Island. Here are some pictures from that day (courtesy of Wesley and Emily Stone).

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Potty Training!!

Let me just start out saying that I am/was in no way in a hurry to potty train Chase. I think it is a bad a idea to force potty training on a toddler. Rather I think that you should talk about the whole process with the child, and let them show an interest before you actual start trying. That being said Chase has been interested in the potty for a couple of months. I have been thinking that I need to take advantage of his interest and not miss this window of opportunity.
On Friday, Chase told me as we were getting ready for his bath that he needed to go potty. I was kind of skeptical because he has told me in the past, and he would get stage fright when he got on the potty. He ran over and got his potty seat out of the cabinet, and put it on the toilet. He got up there and he was able to go (and go and go and go). We were so excited! We cheered and sang songs! It was a big deal for him.

Last night he told us that he needed to go potty, so we put him up there. Sure enough. He went again. This time he got some candy as a reward. Abe picked up a bag of candy corn (that is what his mom gave the kids when they were potty training). That is when we decided that we needed to get a potty chair. We went to Target and picked up the potty chair and some Pull-ups.

We came home and put the potty chair in the bathroom. He wanted to try it. He went pee-pee again. It is so exciting. He has used it twice this morning already. We tried a Pull-up for the first time this morning. He kept it dry. We will see where this takes us. Not sure if it will last, but it is fun trying :)

Here are some pictures from a couple months ago and one from this morning on the potty chair.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pea Pod

We needed a compact travel bed for our vacation in September. After some research this is what we came up with. It is called the Pea Pod Plus. Chase loves it. He has already slept in it overnight and for two naps. He did wonderfully. I highly recommend it! The video captures Chase doing his somersaults. He loves to flip around. He was doing somersaults for about 10 minutes after setting up the Pea Pod. It was hilarious. Does the kid ever get worn out?

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Future Marathoner?

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Daddy/Chase Time

Chase and Daddy do some pretty serious playing on the weekends and after work. Chase loves to throw the cushions off the couch. He jumps from the couch onto the cushions on the floor. It is crazy, but he loves it!

Abe decided that it would be fun to carry our "little bundle" in our duffle bag that was left out after swimming. We decided this would be a cheap option to get Chase to Cancun in September :) Just kidding! He had so much fun. He didn't want to get out!

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