Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baby No-Name Update (25 weeks)

Here is a little update about our other baby that is on the way. At my last appointment (March 17th), the Dr. asked me if we had names the baby. I said not yet. She said well let's see how Baby No-Name is doing. This is what we found out.

He does not like to have his heartbeat checked. He has hidden from her a couple of times. When she finally found the heartbeat, he gave the doppler a really hard kick. We both started laughing.

He appears to be small like his brother was. I measured 2 weeks behind the average. I measured at 22 CM when most people should measure 24 CM. I guess you should measure 1 CM for every week that you are pregnant. I explained that I was the same way with Chase, and that he was just a small baby when he was born. She told me that if I fell behind any more (2.5 CM) that they would have to do another Ultrasound to check on fluid levels and the baby's growth. I had to have this done with Chase at 32 weeks, and it was nervewracking. However, I am not too worried this time around because I know that we are probably just going to have a small baby. All of the Greens were on the smaller side, and thanfully those genes are coming through for us. My side of the family has ginormous babies. Yikes! If the Dr. wants to do another Ultrasound that is fine with me. It is always fun to see my baby :)

This baby moves around a lot! I love it! He gets hiccups frequently. I just figured out what was going on. I never realized that the rhythmic movements I felt with Chase were hiccups. How dumb am I!?!? Well, now I know.

I am trying to take really good care of myself. I have started to walk 5-6 times per week. I have also started to watch my food intake. When I am careful about when and how much I am eating, the quality of my food choices always gets better. It has been good for our whole family. I have gained 12 pounds so far in this pregnancy. Hopefully, I will keep my weight gain to about 25 pounds or less.

One last story. On Thursday, I went out to dinner with some friends and while waiting on a table we sat down in the bar area. The bartender walked up and asked me what I was "having." My friend spoke up and said, "she is having a baby." LOL! The poor girl was embarrassed and offered me a water or a soda. She had no idea I was pregnant! I am sure that won't be happening much longer :)

Learning Shapes

On the way to MOPS on Friday, I had to pack Chase's breakfast in the car because he slept in so late. As we are driving, he says "mama look I have a triangle." He had eaten his peanut butter sandwich into the shape of a triangle. I had no idea that he even knew what a triangle was. Apparently, he has been learning about shapes lately. We have a wooden shape puzzle that he has played with a few times, so maybe that is where he picked that up. Not really sure, but I was shocked.

He is also really into telling us what color things are. He told me that his "alligators" are brown. He likes to point out the different colors that he sees. It is amazing how much kids just pick up on their own without instruction. They pick up the good and the bad, so we are having to be a little more careful with our language and content of our conversation. He is NOT oblivious anymore.

Chase's New Shoes

Here are Chase's new shoes-Crocs. I haven't always been a fan, but these things are great for the warm Spring and Summers in Sacramento. They let the kids feet breathe, they don't get stinky, they can get wet, and they are super comfortable for the little feet.

On Friday, we went to pick up a pair of these bad boys. Chase wanted to wear them out of the store. He then proceeded to ask me to wear them during his nap. When it came time for his nap, he was so tired that I was able to take them off. My favorite part of this experience is when he asked me if he could wear his "alligators" to Grandma's house. He saw the picture of the crocodile on the side, and thought it was an alligator.

So Chase owns "alligators" and not Crocs! :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chase at 19 Weeks
Baby Boy #2 at 19 Weeks

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Baby Update

On February 10th, we had the in depth Ultrasound that measures the baby and looks for all the parts. The baby looks great. He is measuring right on track. The U/S had the due date set for July 4th. This is also the time that they can determine the gender. There is very little doubt that this baby is a BOY! We have the picture to prove it :) I will post those at the end.

This baby moves alot. I started feeling movement around 17 weeks, but he is really starting to kick and roll. This is my absolute favorite part of pregnancy. He has definitely found my bladder which I could do without. On Sunday, he was moving and kicking so much that you could see it from the outside and Abe could feel it. Very funny!

We are really struggling to name this baby. There aren't too many that we agree on, so we are just waiting until we find the right one. I really like to know the name of the baby, so we can start referring to the baby by his name. I am pretty sure we will have a name by the time he is born :)
We are so grateful for the blessing of this new baby. It seems that this little one is healthy and growing right on track. What more could we ask for!

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