Monday, February 25, 2008


On Presidents' Day, we decided to go on a quick trip to San Francisco to go see Alcatraz. My mom and Bridget came along for the trip. We had such a good time. We had an interesting drive down. Chase and Bridget found quite a bit to fight about it. Yes, they fight already :)

We got to SF around 11:30. We started with lunch at Bubba Gumps. It was very yummy. After lunch, we headed down 6 piers to the ferry to get over to Alcatraz. The trip over was quite nauseating for my mom and I. Oh well! Once we got to Alcatraz, we were made aware of why the prison guards wore 100% wool uniforms. It was so cold! We made our way through the prison. We only stayed about 2 hours. It is kind of tough to keep 2 little ones interested in an old prison. We were ready to head back and thaw out as well :)

Overall, we had a wonderful day. It was fun to see something historical and beautiful. I would like to go back sans little kids or wait until our kids would appreciate the history a little more. We didn't get to see and read everything, so another trip might be warranted. :)

Bubba Gumps for Lunch

Pier 39

On the Ferry

On the Island

Staff Housing

Watch Tower


Visitors' Area

Daddy and Chase

Mommy and Chase



Last week Abe had a great idea to take Chase over to our community hot tub. It was the best idea. It was freezing outside and windy, but we decided that once we got over there it would be nice and warm. We had so much fun. Chase is such a little fish. He loved every minute of it. He was blowing bubbles and kicking his feet. He was letting us help him float on his back. He has no fear. He just walks up to the edge and jumps in. It is almost crazy. I think we might have a swimmer on our hands. I am looking forward to teaching him how to swim. This Summer is going to be so fun! Can't wait. We went again tonight, but I didn't take any pics. I will try to get some more pics of him actually swimming and maybe some video :)

Getting Ready! Hurry up, please...

He just wanted to leave already! No time for pictures :)

Naughty Boy

Here is Chase being so naughty! We have been battling him for months about the TP. He loves to play with it. I finally just got the camera out and laughed about it. His shirt says Big TROUBLE comes in small packages". I got it wrong the first time. That was another t-shirt that said my middle name is trouble. Oops!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy birthday to you...

We would like to wish our good friends Ethan and Stef Arnold a very happy birthday. Ethan turned 3 today. He is such a big boy. Chase has learned a lot from Ethan like climbing all over the furniture! I will refrain from posting Stef's age. :)

We hope you guys have a fabulous day!