Monday, March 19, 2012

Tennis Racquet Printable


We are the middle of redecorating our Master bedroom. I found some really fun fabric with grey and lime flowers to use as an accent. It so bright and refreshing. The walls are pretty bare, so I am making some things to fill up the open spaces.

My hubby and I love tennis. We love to play and watch tennis. We played quite a bit before we were married. Unfortunately, we do more watching than playing these days because of our busy family life. We hope to have some tennis dates as the weather warms up.

I thought it would be kind of fun to include this hobby in our bedroom d├ęcor. I used a graphic from The Graphics Fairy. She has awesome graphics that you can download for free.

Here is what I came up with:

Tennis Racquets_Lime

I am sending this off to MPIX to have it printed today. Can’t wait to hang it up!

Here is the link to download the picture!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fairytale Town

We went to a fun birthday party at Fairytale Town on Saturday. We took Chase when he was about 1.5, but we haven’t been back with Parker or Maggie. It was fun to watch the boys enjoy this special little place. It feels like you have walked back in time about 5o years. It is very simple, and I found it to be very calming.

When we entered the gates on Saturday, I noticed that they had memberships. I mentioned this to my mom, and we decided that Bridget and our kids would enjoy going throughout the year. We hopped in the car, picked up Chase from school, and headed over to buy the membership.

We went late in the afternoon, and there were about 4 other families. The kids were able to run and play on anything they wanted. It was nice to just let them go. They were safe and couldn’t hurt much or be hurt. It was so very enjoyable. Can’t wait to go back when the rain lets up!

Here are some pictures from that afternoon:


In the Tee Pee (sp?)


Had to get Mags in the picture.


At the top of the owl slide.






Mr. Parker


Maggie is THRILLED to be out of the stroller!


Trying to get all these kids looking in the right direction and smiling=close to impossible!


Grandma and Maggie


Boys MUST climb EVERYTHING. The great thing is that they are free to climb Smile


Parker was driving the train away from lava! Love the imagination.


Maggie is trying to walk. She took 4 steps in a row later on that night.


Parker doing his ninja moves. Chase climbing again!


He got his dance moves from his mom and dad…poor guy! LOL!!


Sherwood Forest


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Boys!

Chase and Parker are about 2.5 years apart. They just started really playing together within the last 3-4 months. They would play along side each other but not really together. It has been such a blessing to watch them enjoy one another. Don’t get me wrong. Most days they fight more than they play, but their friendship seems to be getting stronger.

Parker is so imaginative. He will pretend that a piece of wood is a cell phone or a book is an iPad. He will turn anything into a sword or a gun. He loves to dress up. This is so different than Chase. He is very literal and has never been into pretend play. However, he is learning from Parker. It is so neat to see Parker teaching him.

They are very interested in superheroes (Star Wars, Transformers, Captain America, The Incredibles, etc.). They often have battles. I love hearing the conversations that are setting the stage for the battle, gun noises, cries of agony as they are “stabbed” or “shot.”  Sometimes they are too rough and they end up hurt or in an argument. However, I love that they are pretending and enjoying each other.

Here is a picture of them playing with Parker’s new carseat and the box that it came in. They told me that Parker was Captain America that he was “getting strengthened.”


We are giving Maggie the kitchen set for her first birthday because we knew that the boys would be able to enjoy it as well. They will play with her and teach her how to pretend as well.

It really bothered me that Chase had no interest in pretend play. I felt like we ruined him with too much TV and computer/phone games. Growing up, my brother and I would play with our toys for hours. I would play with dolls and he would play with Playmobil and his cowboy dress up toys all the time. I am so grateful that this part of Parker has shown through!

Monday, March 12, 2012

11 months!

Maggie is moving out of the baby stage into “toddlerhood” so fast! She is standing up and cruising around everything. She is even trying to let go of some things. She loves to play with her brothers even though they are a little too rough some times.

She has started to love the park. She really loves to swing, and doesn’t like to get out. It is so nice to be able to take her to the park with the boys.

Here is a video of her walking with her princess car from Grandma Green (please excuse my poor video-taking skills):

Appearance: She isn’t changing as fast. People often comment about how blue her eyes are. They are very blue and don’t look like they will be changing anytime soon. People also comment about how much our kids look alike. It is hard for me to see, but they definitely have similar features.

Sleep: She takes a morning and afternoon nap. They are 1-2 hours in length. She goes to bed at 6:00 and is very cranky if she is awake past that time.  She isn’t waking up much at night. She is sleeping through most nights.

Diaper Size: Still in size 3.

Clothing: She is now pretty much in 18 month clothes and some 24 month thrown in.

Height: Not sure

Weight: Not sure.

Head Circumference: Not sure

Eating Habits: This girl loves to eat! She is eating mostly anything we eat. This is a wonderful stage. I love to not worry about packing so many different types of food.

Development: She is getting more and more active. She says “mama'” and “dada.” She has major separation anxiety. She does not like strangers to hold at all. She gets into EVERY single drawer and cabinet in the house. This girl is like a whirling tornado! Her top 2 teeth broke through at the end of the month. The bottom 2 are still growing in.

Friday, March 9, 2012

No Half Marathon in 2012

Looks like this won’t fit into my schedule this year. Abe and I started the training program. We were doing well, and then 2 rounds of the flu and colds hit our home. This slowed us down, and then I started to stress about getting runs in. After some discussion, we decided that it really wasn’t that important and surely wasn’t something to stress about. It was hard, but we gave up that goal.

Three kids need lots time and energy. I want to be there 100% for my kiddos. I will have lots of time to run someday Smile

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Family Rules Printable

A while ago I posted our Family Rules. Here they are:

 Family Standards

I thought others might want to be able to print them or adjust the original file to personalize them for your family. I created the file in Microsoft Publisher and then save it as a .jpg file.

Here is the the .jpg printable. According to you can print this up to 20”x30.”

Here is the Publisher file.

Happy printing!