Monday, August 10, 2009

Inquiring minds want to know...

Chase: "Can God wrestle with me?"

Abe: "God wrestled with Jacob."

Chase: "Can God wrestle with ME?"

Abe: "No, not really. God doesn't have a body like men."

Chase: "Why?"

Abe: "Because He doesn't."

Chase: "Why?"

Abe: silence :)

This conversation could go on and on!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Parker is 1 Month Old!

Our little man is 1 month old today! He has been such a blessing and perfect addition to our family. When I am pregnant, it is very hard for me to picture how the baby is going to fit into our life. With both boys, the love was so natural once they were born. It is amazing how your love just expands.

The transition from 1 kiddo to 2 was much smoother than I had imagined it would be.I attribute this to lots of help from our extended family. Our parents have been so helpful. We are so grateful for their involvement in our lives.

Chase LOVES his brother. He is thinks he is so cute and loves to give him kisses. He has showed a tiny bit of jealousy, but nothing like I expected. I think that these two boys will be really good friends someday. Chase can't wait for Parker to play baseball with him and kick soccer balls.

Parker is such a sweet little guy! God is so good in that he designed infants to sleep lots and lots during the first month. This helps make up for the night wakings :) Parker is a very sleepy little guy. As I type he is sleeping on my chest. He seems to have a relaxed and mellow disposition. I am hoping and praying this remains.

We are trying to figure out who he looks like. There are many things about him that resemble Chase. However, I think he has own distinct look. He is slightly bigger than Chase was at this age. He has very large hands and feet.

I will probably say this every month, but time is just flying by. I can't believe he is already a month old. I am treasuring every moment with him because I learned the hard way with Chase that the baby stage vanishes very quickly.

Here are some things I want to remember from this first month:
*he is wearing Size 1 diapers
*he is aproximately 9-9.5 lbs
*he eats every 2-3 hours and is a super efficient eater
*he wakes up about twice during the night
*he definitely needs to be burped. He gets so uncomfortable :(
*he loves blankets and to be wrapped up
*he has almost outgrown all of his newborn sized clothes and wears mostly 0-3 month clothes
*he LOVES to be held
*he makes the cutest noises and grunts that almost sounds like a little goat
*he has a deep little voice
*he mainly only cries if he is cold, hungry, or has a burp
*he usually has a long awake time in the morning
*he is not a huge fan of the car and carseat, but it isn't too bad
*he loves when we sing "Jesus Loves Me"
*his favorite activity when he is awake is looking at light :)