Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Set of X-rays :(

After a terrible flu bug that lasted about 5 days, Chase had the unfortunate experience of injuring his ankle. He was so sick last week and just laid around the whole time, so by the time Sunday came around he was getting his normal super-human amounts of energy back. After church was over, he was playing with the big boys (5-10 year olds) in the back of the sanctuary. He does this often and thinks he is as big and strong as the big boys. The kids were running and jumping off the stairs. He had done this probably over 10 times. The last time he jumped he landed funny, rolled his ankle, and immediately started to cry. Abe looked at me and promptly said "we need to GO!" There have been many times since Chase's birth that we have told each other that. This is our way of telling each other that a meltdown is fast approaching. I digress.

After leaving church, he was whining and saying his foot hurt. He didn't actually walk on it until we got home. He was wobbly and limping. This is not normal. He is usually very steady and well-balanced. I was somewhat alarmed to see my 2 year old limping. Chase also has a very high pain tolerance. That is has been nice in most circumstances, but it also makes it difficult to determine if he has a more serious injury. We watched him throughout the day. At one point we thought about bringing him to the emergency room, but we decided to wait until the next day and make an appointment with his Dr.

Chase's Dr. is awesome! Can't say enough about this guy. He loves kids and is very good at what he does. He is main goal is to make your visit as efficient and effective as possible. Perfect for a toddler. He looked at Chase's foot and heard that he was limping. He sent us to get x-rays immediately. Chase did so well with the x-rays. At certain points I had to leave the room and he didn't even flinch! So proud of him. We went back to see the Dr. and review the x-rays. He had no breaks which was a huge relief. We are supposed to watch for improvement. If he seems to be better today, then we just leave it at that. If he is still limping and wobbly, we call the Dr. and will go see a podiatrist. We were in and out of Kaiser in 50 minutes. I was relieved that he didn't break a bone! God is good!

Friday, April 17, 2009

After a fabulous recommendation from one of our friends, we decided to join the Caboose Club at the California Railroad Museum. For $20 your child gets a pass that allows one parent to accompany them to the Museum throughout the year. Chase and I ventured over there one morning and had a blast. The place was nearly empty, and we got to explore. Our favorite section of the Museum was the Children's play area. They have two large train tables, an electric train to watch, and numerous other model trains to view. We have been a total of 3 times since getting our membership. We will definitely get our money's worth out of this membership! Here are some picutres from our little excursion.

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This is how my little man loves to sleep and relax. He has always loved to have his feet crossed. We think this is a habit he started before he was even born. He was breech and more specifically sitting Indian style. He started sleeping with his hands behind his head about 5 months ago. I sleep like that, so maybe that is where he got that from. Funny things we pass on to our kids.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

The 5th...

ultrasound is scheduled for next Tuesday! If you can believe it, I will be getting another U/S. The Dr. measured me yesterday, and I was still measuring about 1.5 to 2 weeks behind. She thinks everything is ok, but she wants to check and make sure the baby is growing well. I am not too concerned because I measured behind the whole pregnancy with Chase. Thanks to the Green side it doesn't look like we will have large babies. Woohoo! A small baby combined with my super long waist leads to me carrying on the small side. Another reason may be due to the fact that my body gets confused when I am pregnant. It thinks you should look pregnant from behind and not in the front :( I would be measuring way ahead if that were taken into consideration!!

It will be fun to see our little man again. I hope to be able to see more of the ultrasound this time around.

I think our hope for a mellow baby may be in vain. I think 4 out of the last 5 appointments the baby has been referred to as a "stinker." He likes to hide when they look for his heartbeat. They know he is ok because they can feel him moving. When they finally find the heartbeat, he starts kicking the doppler! I have to laugh because it keeps happening over and over. He must have a sense of humor :)

That is it for the 28 week appointment. We are coming down the home stretch!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

April Already!?!?

This year is just flying by! It seems like we were just putting Christmas decorations away. We celebrated Easter with my mom's side of the family last Saturday. Chase, Bridget, and Tyler had a really fun Easter egg hunt in my grandparents yard. We got to enjoy 3 baby chicks as well. Family, fun, and food made for a wonderful evening. As we were driving home, I was almost in tears thinking about the huge blessing it is to live near our family. God is so good!

Sunday was not a typical Sunday. I had not been feeling well, and after a call to the advice nurse I was told to go get checked out at Labor and Delivery. After about an hour, everything looked great and I was told to increase my water intake. I have been terrible about drinking water during this pregnancy. That has changed!!

I have a regular appointment today with my Dr. It should be pretty routine. I do have to take the gestational diabetes test. Not my favorite, but it will be over in an hour. :)

Tomorrow we are heading out to visit my dad's parents in San Jose. It will be nice to visit and catch up with them. We haven't seen them since my grandpa had hip replacement surgery. It will be nice to see the improvement in his health since having the surgery. I hear that he is doing wonderfully! Praise the Lord!! Weather permitting we will head to Santa Cruz tomorrow afternoon. The kids (Bridget and Chase) will have fun playing in the sand. They are so excited about going to the beach.

I better run. I have to clean and get ready to leave tomorrow. Fridays are usually my cleaning day, but we won't be home. Cleaning and packing aren't my favorite tasks, but I am so grateful that I have the energy and ability to complete those tasks. This week I have been comtemplating what a blessed life I have been given. My heart is grateful to the Lord! How I wish that would always be my heart's disposition.

Have a blessed Easter celebrating Christ's death and resurrection! How glorious!