Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Wishing you a wonderful time with friends and family! So grateful we are able to enjoy the freedom for which so many have fought and given the ultimate sacrifice. May God bless them!


Monday, July 2, 2012

Parker is 3

3 years ago the Lord blessed us with a 7lb sweet, little boy.


Here are some things that come to mind about Parker at this time in his life:

*He has a wonderful imagination and loves to pretend

*He finds a toy and will bring it with him everywhere we go (his yellow and blue pens, sunglasses, wallet). If you look at his cute little hands often he will be holding something

*He is a tad dramatic and very sensitive

*He is a little timid and shy especially with new people or an unknown situation

*His favorite hymn is There is a Fountain

*He loves chocolate milk

*He LOVES his Daddy

*His favorite TV show is Curious George, but isn’t really that into watching television

*He has an imaginary friend Marisan that he met at Burger King

*He loves to swim, ride his bike, and kick a soccer ball

*He is very quick to share in others’ joy

*He is always hungry

*He likes to come in our bed in the early morning

*He has a hard time falling asleep for naps and bedtime and takes a while to wake up

*He can be stubborn, but I would not call him strong-willed

*He has dreamy blue eyes and cute blonde hair

*Every owie needs a band-aid

*He loves to change his clothes

*He loves his brother and sister very much

*He easily entertains himself for long periods of time


Our prayer for our sweet boy is that he will grow up to be the man that God intends HIM to be. Not living in anyone’s shadows. We pray that he will have moral courage and be able to stand alone for what is right and acceptable in God’s sight.

His babyhood was cut short by the addition of his sister. He also follows a brother with a very strong personality. That I am sure will shape who he is to some extent, but I really do hope that he can be secure in who God made him.

I love his satisfaction with simple things, and hope he is able to keep that with throughout his life. I can learn from him.

Parker Robert, we love you!