Thursday, September 20, 2007

10 Month Check-Up and Update

I thought I would give Chase's regular 10 month update along with an update about his Dr. appointment that we went to today.

Today Chase had his 10 month check-up. We got a great report about our little guy. He is super healthy. It has been such a blessing to have my grandma (Chase's great-grandma) come with us to see Dr. Yu. Chase is quite attached to her, and she is very comforting to him.

He is growing like a weed. He weighed in at 21 lbs. 11 oz (50th percentile). He is 30.5 inches long (90th percentile). The Dr. let us know that he was late in getting his teeth because he has been in such a huge growth spurt. He mentioned that the average baby gets their teeth around 6 months of age, and that the average child's growth slows down around that age. Apparently, Chase didn't get the memo. :) There must be some connection between growth and the teeth coming in. I always learn something new at his appointments.

We also discussed Chase's sleeping issues. He said that sleeping habits can be genetic. It appears that he takes after the Green side of the family. He can operate on very little sleep. He said that the average baby sleeps 15-18 hours a day. Not our little guy. He sleeps about 12-13 hours a day.

The worst part of our visit was the trip to the lab. The Dr. wanted to have Chase's blood drawn for some routine tests. After poking him in both arms and not having any success, they decided to prick his finger. We sat through 10 minutes of screaming (really loud, pathetic screaming) to get the little bit of blood for the tests. It was horrible. I felt so badly for him. He was thoroughly exhausted by the time we left.

As of yesterday, we started giving Chase Motrin every 6 hours for his teething discomfort. This has done wonders for his disposition. We have our happy little guy back. He has been so fussy lately. He was actually able to play and entertain himself for longer than a minute or two. He took a pretty good nap this afternoon. I am hoping that his teeth will break through, and that he will be relieved of his discomfort.

As the months go by, Chase gets more and more active. He never stops moving during the day. Some of his favorite activities include getting into cabinets, pulling books off the shelf, pulling clothes out of drawers, unfolding the laundry that mommy just folded, climbing stairs, getting into Aunt Bridgie's toys, and walking around our furniture. I am just shocked about how active he is. I think I was used to taking care of girls. They seem to be a little more sedate. It is truly a challenge to keep him safe and entertained.

We are still getting up with Chase 1-3 times per night. We pretty much always feel tired because the interrupted sleep is just not conducive to feeling rested when we wake up in the morning. We are making it though.

Chase can wave "bye bye." If you ask him to clap, he will start clapping his hands. He can also say "ahhhh." We ask him to say "ahhhh" and he can copy us. Very cute. He can say "mama" and "dada." However, it difficult to know if he actually knows that he is saying our names. He definitely knows who certain people are. If we ask where Bridget is, he will look right at her. He also can identify where we are in a room.

This has turned into a long update. I am sure I have forgotten something, but that is all I will say for now. We are grateful that he is healthy, and that his development seems to be progressing normally. That is something that I never want to take for granted. The Lord is good!

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stef said...

Wow! What routine check-up has them taking blood out of his arm? I've never heard of that. Poor little guy...
I had to laugh out loud when I read the comment about girls being more sedate. I guess some might be. Rachel must have more "boy" in her than most girls. She is, by far, way more active than Ethan was at this age. I can't get over the energy she has! Although, unlike Chase, she gets the 15-18 hours of sleep. :) If there's one thing I'm learning through this parenting journey, its that every child is very different and I've had to toss out a lot of those "normal/abnormal" rules. :) I loved your update. It was fun reading about how he's doing. You guys are very blessed. Aside from being healthy, he's one of the cutest babies I've ever seen.