Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas Tree Hunt

We got our tree a little later than normal this year. Thanksgiving was later, and we wait until after Christmas to get our tree. We had a very cold and foggy December this year. We had trouble finding trees that were dry enough to bring in and start decorating. We have yet to brave going and cutting a tree down since we have been married, so we go to a local Christmas tree lot. We have gotten our tree there for the past 3 years. They have pretty nice trees, and we can't beat the ease of going right down the street.

Chase had lots of fun running around the lot and hiding in the trees. It was fun to chase him around. We found the smallest tree we could find, and were on our way to decorate. Here are some pictures that we took. We were also able to try out our new Canon Xsi. Lots of fun :)

Here is the winner!

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