Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Today we all take the time to acknowledge our fathers. God's Wisdom is so clearly shown in His design of the family unit. Dad's bring about such a balance to a family. I am so grateful that I had a very present and involved dad. He was/is not perfect, but he has been a dependable, faithful, loving, hardworking man.

Before getting married, I always knew that marrying a man who was good with children was very important to me. That is something that I always admired with Abe. His nieces were always climbing all over him or he was playing with him. He seemed to truly enjoy being with them. However, you don't actually know how a person will be with their own kids. You can only look for the makings of a good father and you just trust that will actually be the case. Well, with Abe he has far exceeded my expectations. He is really one of the best dads I know! He loves his son. He comes home from work and he is ready to play, wrestle, snuggle, and care for our kiddo. He is patient and faithful to correct Chase when there is a need. He is a fun dad. He plans fun outings and loves to surprise Chase with little treats like a Happy Meal from McDonalds. Not only does he play with Chase, but he is able to take care of him in every way. I can leave the house and trust that Chase will be taken care of perfectly. From day one, he was willing and did change diapers. He gives baths, brushes teeth, makes good meals, etc. He is faithful to put Chase to bed every night and prays with him before he falls asleep. Words really can't describe the relationship he has with Chase. Chase LOVES his daddy. He will randomly tell me throughout the day "I love daddy."

God has blessed our family with an awesome dad! We love you, Abe :)

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