Monday, July 13, 2009

First Walk to the Park

We took our first walk to the park today. It was nice to get the boys outside before it got too warm. They did pretty well. Parker slept the whole time. Chase had fun at the park. It felt good to get some exercise. I walked a total of 2 miles. Yay!

Here are my cuties!!
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Stef said...

I have to ask, because you have blankets and sweaters on them -- how cold was it there today? It was like 95 here, so this picture made me hot. :)

I totally remember feeling so proud of myself to venturing out of the house (on my own) with both kids. Good for you!!!
How do you like your stroller?

The Abe Green Family said...

It was very warm here yesterday, but we went in the morning. It was still breezy and nice when we left. It was toasty on our way home.

They actually don't have sweaters on. Just shorts and t-shirts. However, they both have blankets. Chase never wants to go on a walk without a blanket and a pacifier. I don't mind the blanket so much, but the pacifier needs to go. It helps keep him content. As for Parker and the blanket, he appears to be like his brother in that sense. He LOVES to be wrapped in a blanket. He gets quite upset if he is unwrapped.

I like the stroller a lot. The sun shade is awful, so I think I am going to need to get something to add to it. The best part about the stroller is that it fits through any doorway and steers with one hand.

Sarah said...

which stroller did you get?
way to go on getting out there. The hardest part for me was by the time i got the baby fed, changed, ready, the diaper bag packed, Wills ready (snacks drink you know the drill)the baby had to eat again. its quite the cycle.

The Abe Green Family said...

We got the Mountain Buggy Urban Elite. It is very nice, but like I said the sun shade is terrible.

Parker is still in his newborn coma, so we were able to get some playing in. It is quite the production to get everybody out the door. I keep telling myself this is such a short period of time.