Wednesday, April 27, 2011


When Grandma and Grandpa GG came for a visit last weekend, they brought some really fun things for the kids. They brought a rocking horse (the kids love it!), two step stools, and a Topsy Turvy with strawberries to plant in it. The kids LOVE all of the gifts. We get to water the strawberries every other day right now and when it warms up we will water them everyday. The kids get so excited about this chore. Here is a picture of the boys with their Topsy Turvy.


Thank you Grandma and Grandpa GG!

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Sarah Moulton said...

I was seriously like what is that thing on Chase's head?!? Lol fun stuff. I planted strawberries last year and they stayed alive over the winter and are growing without my aid in my planter box. I thought they were dead!