Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Chase is doing really well with school. I love his teacher. She expects respectful behavior on all levels from the kids. They are to respect her, each other, and school property. They have a strict routine, and the kids thrive while adhering to it.

Chase has made some friends at school. He is very outgoing and friendly. He will play with anyone. I love that quality about him. However, he has made a good friend at school. His name is Roberto Carlos. He is such a sweet and kind boy. They can't wait to get to school to see each other.  The teacher has to separate them because they talk to much. She told me that they come to her and ask I'd they can try to sit together, and she let's them try. She said she usually has to end up moving them, but she likes to give them an opportunity to try:) We were teasing that the boys have a bro-mance going on. It really is fun to see him make friends!

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