Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mom jeans!?!?!

Last Fall I was so excited to find some jeans at Old Navy that had a higher waist than the extremely low rise jeans sold in most stores. They really helped this girl with a super long torso that shirts often don’t cover. I got tired of my shirt rising up and my back and “other” areas showing.

Well, I came home one day and caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror. I couldn’t believe it. I was wearing “mom” jeans. It was not a flattering look at all. I was covered, but not in a good way. Ugh! I stopped wearing them, and went back to my lower rise jeans.

The other day my friend posted a blog about Old Navy/Gap jeans. I was seriously laughing out loud. Her claim was that these stores sold “gateway” mom jeans and that some styles were straight up mom jeans. She went to the store and took pictures of herself in the different style jeans. She compared the pictures to herself wearing designer jeans. The contrast was striking. It was amazing how much more flattering the designer jeans were on her body.

I had to laugh when I found my Old Navy “sweetheart” jean in the post. That was the style she mentioned as being straight up mom jean. Oops!


She mentioned Vault Denim. I think I am going to look into ordering some jeans from them. Owning a  few pairs of nice jeans rather than lots of unflattering pairs of pants seems like a much better idea. The Vault Denim consultant will come to your house with 120 pairs of jeans. They are sold for about half the cost of store prices. Anyone up for a GNI to try on nice jeans!?!?!


Kelly said...

Sign me up! Sounds fun.

Stef said...

oh my word! I went and read her blog post. First off, glad she took the time to do this because that's a lot of work! Second, GASP! I could not believe it was the same woman in those jeans. GAP should be ashamed. I've never been able to wear GAP or Old Navy jeans and now I guess I feel ok about that :)

I guess I'm spending more on jeans this year :)

Sarah Moulton said...

you make me laugh you really do :)
I was told by a college friend last winterish time that I had a mom hair cut but that was ok because I was a mom now and she just wasn't use to thinking of me that way. I was kind of annoyed with her because, yes, I wear my hear in a ponytail everyday, but I have all kinds of choppy layers and stuff. I always thought "mom" hair cuts were straight bangs and one length to the shoulders type cuts?!?
I'd come to your party but you know I'm truly sporting "mom" jeans currently :) For the record I don't think I've ever seen you look like you had mom jeans on and I'd probably totally tell you, lol. You are your hardest critic but who am I to say, evidently I have a mom hair cut :) :)