Friday, September 6, 2013

Cardio Workout-Tabata HIIT

Here is a Tabata workout that I have done. The only thing you need is a watch or clock, but a towel to dry up all the perspiration might be handy as well. Kind of gross, these workouts are no joke!

A few words before you start. Make sure to work VERY hard during the work interval. Work at 90-95% of your maximum. You should be breathless and unable to talk. It might sound scary, but remember there is a 10 second break coming. During the workout if you feel dizzy or lightheaded, slow down and march in place. Keep moving and the blood flow will return to your head. These workouts are intense, so pay attention to your body and work at an appropriate pace for YOUR fitness level. Do your personal best. Enjoy!

Cardio Workout_HIIT_Tabata

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