Friday, June 6, 2008

19 Months

On Sunday, Chase will be 19 months. We can't believe it. He is very much a little boy now and not a baby. He has his babyish moments, but he is fast becoming a big boy. It is so fun to see him grow and develop. Here some of his new developments.

-He copies many of the words that we say. His vocabulary is getting large. My favorite new words "apple juice." We have only given him juice about 5 times in his life, and he asks for it everyday.

-He loves to eat salsa. He also likes to say that word.

-He loves to pray for "papa" and "ben-ben." He loves his grandpas (he has 4 altogether 2 of which are great-grandpas). He also loves his Uncle Benjamin.

-He cries when daddy leaves for work or an outing. He is so attached to his dad.

-He loves the song "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands."

-He doesn't like being left in the church nursery.

-He asks for "mama" and "milk" every morning when he wakes up.

-He tells me clothes are "cute" as we shop. :)

-He loves to hide in clothes racks when we are shopping.

-Balls are his all-time favorite toys. I don't need to buy any other toys. He loves to throw things. We are working on just throwing balls.

-He loves to hang on bars at the park. He can hang for about 3o seconds without letting go. He is super strong.

-He is a fabulous napper. He takes 2 naps a day still. He rarely ever complains. What a blessing.

-He weighs 26 pounds and is 33.5 inches.

-His burn is healed and doesn't wear the pressure sock anymore.

-He is the most amazing blessing we have ever been given!


Stef said...

I cannot believe he's 19 months old! Where is time going?!
This was a cute update, I love reading all the new things kids are doing. Enjoy this time of life with him!

Cameron Eli said...

Love that he says " cute " and that he is attached to Dad, what a sweetheart :)

Sheila said...

Happy 19 months to Chase!! So jealous that he still takes 2 naps! At 16 months, Carter started to take 1 nap most days - although he still sneaks in 2 naps every now and then.