Monday, September 29, 2008

First Day of Sunday School-9/7/08

Chase began Sunday School this month. The teachers are amazing-Mrs. Shank and Mrs. Jensen. I sat in on the first class just to observe how Chase would handle a whole hour of structured activity much of which is quiet and done in a chair. This is not Chase's style. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how well he did. He seemed to enjoy himself. The class is a mix of 2 and 3 year olds. Since his birthday falls before December he gets to attend.

He was the most outgoing, talkative, youngest, and of course the most active toddler. It is amazing what kids can learn at this age. I am so grateful for the sweet and patient teachers that are willing to help teach Chase about God, His Word, and our wonderful Creation. We are especially grateful for Mrs. Jensen who sits next to Chase to keep him focused and in his chair (she raised a boy so she understands) They started with Creation and are moving through the Old Testament. He gets to take papers home that cover the main topics of the lesson. We hope to review the stories with Chase to provide reinforcement.

Chase talks about some of the kids and his teachers. He especially likes Geoffry. Chase and Geoffry are the only boys. Hopefully, as he grows up the kids in his class will all become good friends. Here are some pictures of the first day. I felt wierd bringing my camera, but this was a big day for our little man.
PS-I heard from my cousin last night that Chase's teacher reported to her that they have a really easy class and Chase. Hmmm! I was wondering why when I ask the teachers how the class went they look at each other, laugh, and say "really well." They claim that they really enjoy him. We shall see!

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