Monday, September 29, 2008

Playa del Carmen-Part 2

*Edit* This blog post has been in the works for weeks. Life has been crazy. It isn't perfect, but I am going to post it anyway. :)

We had a wonderful week-long trip to Playa del Carmen (about 50 minutes from Cancun) this month. We left on 9/16/08. My morning started very early. 3:30 AM to be exact. Our flight left Sacramento at 6:30 AM, and Abe's mom graciously drove us to the airport, parked, and helped us get in the airport with all of our baggage (4 checked bags, 2 carry-ons, 1LARGE Britax carseat, a stroller, and 1 wild toddler). That was a HUGE help. The airplane is a little boy's wonderland. All the airplanes and equipment were so fascinating to him.After getting on the plane, it was pretty smooth sailing. We had been talking to Chase about flying for a long time. He loves airplanes and points them out in the sky and in books all the time. He was so excited and smiled the whole time during our take-off and landings (the return trip was a different story). He took pretty good naps on both flights. We flew to Dallas and then on to Cancun. Here we are on the first flight to Dallas. Chase loves fruit leather :)

I am going to post the rest of our pictures from our trip. We were not really able to get that many pictures of the three of us, so most of them are individual or pictures of 2 of us together.

Before I post the pictures, I will give you an idea of how we spent our days. We let ourselves sleep in, so we would typically sleep until about 8. That got earlier as the week went on. Sleeping in and toddler usually aren't a good combo. We would then get ready and head off to breakfast. After breakfast we would head back to our room and slather ourselves in SPF 50 sunscreen and get our swim gear together. Humidity and suncreens are just a fabulous combination. Such a wonderful feeling :( We would then head off to the beach. We would drop our stuff off under the palm trees and find as much shade as possible. We grabbed the sands toys, floaties, snorkel gear, and camera and headed into the water. We usually spent about 1.5 hours in the water or playing at the water's edge.

We would then head up to our lawn chairs and grab Chase a snack. We would take a small rest and re-apply suncreen. We would then head to the pool. The pool was amazing. There was an upper and lower pool. It had fountains and and tiled chairs to sunbathe in. Fabulous! One of Chase's favorite activities was to sit on the edge of the upper pool and fall down to the lower pool. It was about a 6 foot drop. One of us would be in the upper pool and the other down below. He would do this about 20 times in a row. He has NO fear :)

We would then go to lunch at the restaurant right out by the pool. After we were re-fueled we would usually head to the beach again for 1-2 hours. After the beach we would either go back to the pool for a while or head in for a nap. We were usually back in our room between 3 and four. We would shower and Chase would take a long nap.

After his nap we would get ready and head to dinner around 6:30. We would eat and then hang out in the fountain area. Usually there was some sort of entertainment. We would usually head back to our room between 8:30 and 9:30. At this point we were all ready to relax. Chase took all of his naps and slept in our bed the whole time. We had the Pea Pod, but daddy decided to spoil him and let him sleep with us. It was nice and cozy :)

This was pretty much our schedule for 6 days. There isn't much sitting around when you take a toddler along. We were on the move! We were so happy Chase was with us though. We wouldn't have changed a thing. Time for me to shut up and get to the best part-the pictures!!


Moulton family said...

fun stuff! sounds like you had a great time. careful letting him in the bed you may never get him out! lol!

Stef said...

This was fun to read, Jess! I'm glad you guys had fun... and it sounds like it was very relaxing!