Thursday, December 4, 2008

We all got it!

Well, we all got the flu. Thankfully, it was pretty minor. Chase had a minor case. Mine was a little worse, but thanks to my wonderful husband and my mom I was able to survive. After about 24 hours on the couch and a good night sleep, it seems to have left! Chase and I both had the flu shot. So much for that working :(

On a side note, Chase ran some errands with Abe last night. As he was getting in the car seat he said, "Daddy, I am a smart cookie." Haha! He has heard us call him that before, and he is now repeating it. Abe thought that was hilarious!

Hope everyone is having fun decorating and getting ready for Christmas :)

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Stef said...

I'm sorry you guys all got sick! Kara and I are the only ones to be by-passing this awful cold over here. Its going on two weeks and Ethan and Rachel seem just as bad as they were last week. :-\

That is SO funny! I'm a smart cookie! Yep... he's listening. It amazes me how much they hear us say AND understand.