Friday, May 8, 2009

More conversations with Chase

We have some fun conversations in the car with Chase. He is very talkative, and doesn't like to be excluded from our conversations. He will often time say "what are you talking about, mama?" He definitely wants to contribute. Last night we were driving to dinner, and Abe and I were talking about something. From the back seat we hear a loud yawn, and Chase tells us that he is "awfully tiwed (tired)." We started laughing. Abe told that him that he was impressed with his use of an adverb :)


The other night we were getting ready to go feed the ducks. Chase was ready before we were, so he decided to unlock the door and run outside (we definitely need to install child locks on the doors pronto). Abe, kind of in a kidding way, told him to get his buns back inside or he was going to spank them. Chase's reply, "my buns have already been spanked!"

Yes, that is our TWO year olds response. We had a good laugh out of that one!


Chase refers to his cousins as "the girls." However, he doesn't pronounce it correctly. He pronounces it as "grills."


Chase has a long list of people who he likes to pray for before he goes to bed. The list includes his Uncle Ben Ben and the "the grills," Halloweena (Allie Blaising), Daddy, Mommy and the baby, all of his grandparents, Joshua (from the story of Joshua and the Battle of Jericho), and last night he asked to pray for the "bad guys" (whoever that may be). LOL!


Sarah Moulton said...

Wills unlocked our door and ran outside the other day as well! I was furious! we were getting ready for a walk and I went back into their room to grab Allie something. I heard the door but figured there was no way he would go past our patio. He went all the way down the stairs, carring his scooter, and around the corner. I was not happy!! Crazy two year olds!

Stef said...

Okay... these are adorable quotes! I laughed so hard at the "my buns have already been spanked!" one. That is so funny!!
We had to do the child locks as well... for the same reason. Ethan kept escaping!