Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some Recent Conversations with Chase

Here is a conversation that Chase had with Grandpa Green. Grandpa Green has 3 snakes. Chase likes to feed the snakes with his Grandpa. We went to the pet store to pick up the feeder mice which was the highlight for Chase. He loves the pet store. We went back to the house, and went to the garage to begin the whole feeding process (this is definitely not my thing and I am so glad that Chase gets to share these experiences with his Grandpa). Here is the conversation that Chase had with his Grandpa after the mice were placed in the cages:

Chase: "Why are the snakes eating the mice?"

Grandpa: "Because God made snakes to eat mice."

Chase: "I don't like God."

Gotta love how the little mind thinks!

Chase loves to eat peanut butter and brown sugar on bread. That is his favorite breakfast by far. He loves to help me in the kitchen as well, so when I am making his sandwich he asks to help. He loves to spread the peanut butter. This is how he asks:

"Mama can I peanut butter the bread?"


If you ask him what his favorite color is this will be his response:

"I wike welwow" (he pronounces "L" as a "W")

There are some more things that I will include in the post once I can remember them. I want to record as many of the cute things he says as possible. They are so easy to forget, but they are SO precious.

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Stef said...

these are so cute! I love his reaction to the snake eating the mice!!