Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3.5 Years Old!

Chase turned 3.5 over the weekend! I really can't believe that we have a 3.5 year old. It is so hard for me to think that he is not a toddler anymore. He is definitely a little boy! In many ways, Chase has been a difficult child. However, he has started to change and has become so much easier to handle. I am so grateful that the Lord has heard our prayers and that Chase is changing. Consistency and firmness mingled with love has been the key! He is a special kid and I am so grateful for him!

He has matured so much in the past 6 months. Some of his big changes since his b-day:

*He is potty trained during the day.
*He is super helpful around the house. He is actually able to help clean up and complete small tasks.
*He can run his own bath water and get in by himself.
*He is really learning how to be kind and think of others. LOVE this!
*He got a new bike with training wheels. He hopped on and just took off!
*He loves to play at the park and can play independently.
*He loves his cousins and Bridget. He is really starting to enjoy playing with other kids.
*He loves animals and learning about them.
*He loves books and reading time.
*He can buckle and un-buckle his own carseat. Good and bad!!
*He is starting to talk and think a lot about God, his relationship with Him, and characters from the Bible.
*Learning about asking forgiveness of God and others.
*He has started to pray outloud. (Love these times! The prayers of little ones are so precious)
*He is so sweet with his brother. He loves to make Parker laugh.
*Chase is my optimist! He will often say to me "we are going to have a GREAT day!"
*He loves to laugh. His laugh is contagious.
*He loves kisses and hugs.
*He still is madly in love with his Daddy.
*Wrestling sessions are quite extreme these days.
*He can't wait to play "tee baseball" next year.
*His appetite has been HUGE lately. I prepare food ALL day long.
*He is about 41.5 inches and 35 pounds.
*He still takes a nap every day. He is an awesome sleeper and goes down SO easily.

I wish I was better about writing down the precious little things that he says. Here are some recent little funnies:

*While I was humming a song he said, "Mommy why are your singing that song in your nose?"
*If he gets hurt he will say, "time-out, time-out...that is the knee (or head or whatever body part was injured)"
*The other day after a bout of naughtiness he spontaneously asked forgivness for being naughty. So grateful for his tender heart.
*He calls the movie Tarzan-"Carzan"
*He loves to watch the show-Get Smart. He started saying, "sorry about that, Chief." He is definitely a Green in that he loves to quote movies and tv shows :)
*He talks about getting "may-weed" someday (getting married). We like to ask him who he is going to marry. He usually says, "Katie." Then we have to explain to him that he can't marry his cousin :)
*He has many of his stuffed animals in his bed and he has named them: Loki, Soda, Buster, The Chief, Max, Mr. Bunny, Sausage Sandwich, and Curious George.

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