Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10 Months!!

It is May so our little Parker is TEN months!! Here is his update:

*He got his firt haircut. Just a trim performed by New Grandma and Grandma Barney (Great-Grandma Berger and my mom)
*He celebrated his first Easter.
*He got both of his top teeth.
*He crawls very fast
*He had a very bad cold this month :(
*He measures 30.5 inches and weighs about 23 pounds.
*He is wear 12-24 month clothes.
*He is wearing a shirt that Chase wore when he was 23 months :
*He is totally weaned and loves every bottle he receives!!
*He moves himself around furniture.
*He can open cabinets and pulls everything out.
*He had his first really high fever.
*He started eating chicken nuggets and picking up things off of his high chair to eat.
*He loves blankets. If we lay a blanket over he will crawl over to it and lay his head down on it over and over again. So cute!
*He is still not a huge fan of the carseat!
*He loves to swing at the park.
*He is saying "dada, mama, and da (dog)." He seems to be trying to say other things, but those are consistent.
*He will play patty cake
*He will play with toys and just crawl around for quite a while. He seems very content to play by himself.
*Still a great napper. Morning and afternoon naps.
*Starting to have some separation anxiety when we leave him in the nursery.
*He loves all the men in his life. Daddy, Chase, his grandpas, cousins, and uncles. He often reaches for them and loves to be held by them.
*When he sees Abe he starts crawling towards him and says "dada" repeatedly :)
*If I go out without the boys, when I get home he gets so excited and stays very close to me.
*He loves playing in the bath with Chase.
*If he hears the word bath he starts crawling into our room and to the bathtub.

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Stef said...

somehow I missed this post! :(

Can't believe Mr. P is 10 months old! I saw the pictures on Facebook and he is quite the handsome little guy! I'm looking forward to seeing you 4 next month!