Saturday, March 12, 2011


Found out yesterday that our little girl is breech! The little stinker turned around in the last 1.5 weeks. Last weekend I had lots of contractions. The following two days I had terrible back pain. I think that she decided to flip around during that time. What a stinker! We are going to attempt to turn her around (external version) Friday, March 18th. The will do the procedure in the operating room, so that they can give me an epidural and be ready for a c-section in case she shows signs of distress during the version. If they successfully turn her around, they will induce my labor. If they aren't able to turn her or she doesn't tolerate the version well, she will be born via c-section.

We are shocked! This is not what we planned, but God is bigger than our plans. He is good all the time, and it is wonderful that we can trust that He is in control. Looks like the baby will be born on March 18th :)

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