Monday, July 25, 2011



[this is Jake (my brother’s baby) and Maggie on June 18th  on her 3 month birthday]

Maggie is 3 months! She is seriously the happiest baby! She rarely ever cries. She has to have something really wrong like extreme hunger, a burp, a ride in the car, or a big brother injury to cause her to cry. It really is such a blessing. She wakes up smiling and goes to sleep smiling Smile We love our baby girl!!

She took her first road trip this month. We went to visit her great-grandparents in the Bay Area at the beginning of June. She did great in the car and only cried for the last 10-15 minutes of the ride home. It was great to visit, and there was never a dull moment. So grateful for my family!

Appearance:  She is very long. She has long legs, arms, toes, and fingers. Guess that is what we should expect with her genetics. Her hair is growing in VERY slowly, but it is coming in. It seems to be coming in a reddish brown color.

Sleep: her sleep is still pretty sporadic and she sleeps a lot. She takes a long morning nap and usually long afternoon nap with cat naps thrown in. She usually falls asleep for the night around 9 or 10. She will sometimes sleep through the night or she wakes up once to eat. She falls right back to sleep, so it is no big deal. She usually wakes up around 7:00 AM, eats, and plays for about an hour. She is then ready for her morning nap.

Diaper Size: She is still in Size 1-2.

Clothing: She is wearing all 3-6 month clothes.

Height/Weight: She didn’t go to the doctor this month, so we don’t have accurate measurements.

Height: ?

Weight: Maybe 13.5 pounds?

Head Circumference:

Eating Habits: This is still the same. She likes to eat every 2-4 hours. She eats a little more in the evening. I think she is storing up for the night.

Development: She is very smiley! She is not attempting to roll over very much at all. She is not a fan of tummy time. She fusses until we pick her up. Her crying in the car has drastically been reduced. She only cries about 25 percent of the time. I am grateful that is lessening. That was no fun at all. She is really starting to talk to us. I love it!

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