Monday, July 25, 2011

4 Months!



Maggie is turned 4 months on July 18th. This stage is officially my favorite baby stage. I enjoyed it so much with both boys and the same goes for Maggie. They wake up and are so interactive. You can see a little more of their personalities come out, and they actually start to play a little bit. At the same time, they still sleep quite a bit, can’t move, and are fairly content to be left alone if need be. Perfect!

She really is so loved by all of us, but our boys think she is the greatest thing. They love to talk to her and kiss her. She really enjoys them as well. They can get her to smile in an instant. It is such a joy to watch. She is also a daddy’s girl as well. They watch Giants games together after the boys go to bed. That is their “thing.”

Baby girl celebrated her first 4th of July. That holiday is one of my favorites. We celebrated with my family by attending the East Sacramento parade and enjoyed a BBQ lunch at my parents. It was a VERY hot day and over 100 degrees. That week we discovered that Maggie was NOT a fan of the heat. She just became a little more irritable and fussy. She is going to have to adjust because that is our life in Sacramento.

She went to the doctor this month. She got a great report. The doctor said we could start solids at any point, but I think we will wait until she is 6 months. Mommy is too lazy to start them now. She is growing like a weed! She got her second round of immunizations. She cried a little but seems to get over it quickly. She had just gotten her first cold right around her appointment. Thankfully, her lungs and ears were clear. She just had a runny nose and cough and was pretty short-lived. She did have a little fever after her shots. It went right down with tylenol.

Appearance: Not much has changed. We get lots of comments about her big, blue eyes. They are very striking and pretty. Her hair is still growing in. It is longer in the back and the hair on the top is growing in slowly.

Sleep: She now sleeps in her bed the whole night. She seems to know that it is nighttime. She wakes up to eat around 1 or 2 and between 4 and 6. The great thing is that she just eats and falls right back to sleep. Like a said above she is starting to nap in the morning in her bed or swing. She is still very sleepy and is only awake about 1 hour at the most.

Diaper Size: She moved to Size 2 diapers around July 4th.

Clothing: She is still wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes with a few 9 months clothes. She had to move to 6-9 month jammies because she was too long and they were tight on her toes. I try to put a few headbands on her, but they seem to slide down over her eyes. Daddy is NOT a fan and usually makes fun of the headbands. Pooh on him!

Height/Weight: She is still a growing girl. Her weight slowed down a little bit and now her weight and her height match. All around she is a healthy girl. Praise the Lord!!

Height:25 inches (83rd percentile)

Weight: 14 lbs 14.7 oz. (83rd percentile)

Head Circumference: 15.98 inches (45th percentile)

Eating Habits: This is still the same. She likes to eat every 2-4 hours. She eats a little more in the evening. I think she is storing up for the night. She is a very efficient eater. I can feed her in about 10 minutes. So great! Thankfully, she will take a bottle. We had a little bout where she was refusing it, but I think that had more to do with the frozen breast milk. It is so helpful to be able to leave her sometimes, so it is important that she still takes a bottle. She will get a little bit of formula when I leave her, but she is breastfed about 98% of the time.

Development: She is very interested in the toys hanging from her carseat. She is actually starting to chew on them and hold them. She really watches her brothers now and wants to know what is going on around her. She is really cooing and talking on regular basis. She is very ticklish and squirms like mad if you tickle her. She is really slobbering quite a bit. She has rolled over (tummy to back) a few times, but it seems that it was somewhat of a fluke. I am trying to get her sitting up more because her head is flattening out slightly. She has sat up in the Boppy for a little bit, but her head control still needs some work.


Stef said...

WOW! Those 4 months have gone by so fast!
She's adorable, Jess. What a sweet face.

I LOL when I read that she's 14 pounds. For my kids, that's pretty much right on track, maybe even a little more than Ethan weighed at 4 months. But I have two friends with 3 month olds (Katie Bliss being one of them) who have babies who were almost 11 pounds at birth and so their boys have flown past Maggie in weight already. CRAZY!

The Abe Green Family said...

Wow! 11 pounds at birth is crazy! That is awesome. However, I would not want to birth a baby that big:P.

Stef said...

I know! Craziness. Think of how Katie's arms feel when she holds her 17 pound 3 month old. I can't imagine.
Katie's a birthing champ. I might ask her to come next time I'm in labor - just to cheer me on. She delivered all her kids 100% naturally, but she told me recovering from an almost 11 pound baby is something she's not sure she wants to do ever again. She ended up having to have a DNC due to complications after his birth :(