Monday, January 2, 2012

Look Back at 2011 Resolutions/Goals

*Setting aside time to be in God’s Word and pray. I did better in this area this year. My day is always better when I begin the day praying and reading God’s Word.

*Keep our home clutter free and organized.  This was somewhat accomplished. However, it doesn’t feel like it after the influx of new toys from Christmas.

*Adjust to life with THREE kiddos. I think I have adjusted to life with 3 kids. It went smoothly the first few months, but I hit a bump in the road at about 3 months. It was ROUGH! Dealing with 3 kids is my new normal, and I can hardly remember what it was like before Maggie came along. I am now cooking, cleaning, exercising, running errands, along with many other normal activities just like before. I didn’t go easier on myself with giving myself time to adjust. Oh well!

*Enjoy my kids and this time of life. I did try to enjoy my family more this year. It still a tough job being a mommy and I have bad days. However, I am trying to keep in mind that it will not be this intense forever. My mantra this year has been “the days on long, but the years are short.”

*Start Chase’s educational journey. Chase started pre-K at a local charter school. God very clearly led us in making the decision to enroll him in school. We both have peace about our decision, and Chase is thriving. Praise the Lord!

*Getting Parker potty trained and in a big boy bed. We moved Parker into the bunkbed in October. It was rough at the beginning, but it has worked out nicely. We tried potty training, but he really didn’t want to do it after about 2 weeks. I gave up and we will attempt it this next year.

*Get back into pre-pregnancy shape. I am pretty much back into shape. I have a goal of losing some more weight, but I fit into my clothes. I got rid of my maternity clothes already, and I have a big bag of “fat” clothes to donate. It feels good to be “normal” again.

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