Wednesday, May 30, 2012


While browsing Pinterest I found this:

It should also say “and DVR games for their husbands.”  Smile When the SF Giants are out of town the games are often played earlier in the day/evening, so they need to be recorded before my hubby gets home. I try to  remember to record the games for my husband. It is a small thing, but he really appreciates it.

My hubby and I have very different hobbies, but this is one common hobby we share. We love sports! My husband loves sports-playing and watching. He loved to play in his younger years, and he would still love to play. However, 3 kids puts a real damper on that hobby. I loved playing sports growing up and watched a lot of them as well.

When we were dating, we played tennis together. It was a simple, free date. We have lots of good memories. We were able to revisit this hobby on Saturday. Abe’s mom watched all 3 of our kids, so we could go play tennis together. We were quite rusty and really pretty pathetic. However, we had a blast. We got some good exercise and some good laughs. So fun!

As we have become more housebound with our kiddos, we have enjoyed watching sports together after they go to bed. We love to watch baseball, tennis, and football together. We record the games and we try to avoid seeing the score to keep the ending a surprise. I don’t always stay awake, but we really enjoy this time together and it is a great way unwind.

We are looking forward to going to an SF Giants game on Friday with our siblings. They are playing the Cubs, so Abe’s brother Johnny will be rooting for them while we cheer for the Giants. Abe bought us tickets to the Giants/Braves game in August. I grew up loving the Braves, so that will be a fun game to watch.

Go Giants!


Sarah Moulton said...

I always knew there was something wrong with me 0.0 I'm not a real woman!!! totally teasing. The only time i watch baseball is during the playoffs. I do love watching sports on TV though. We don't have cable and sports is the only thing I really wish we could watch more of. It's hard for Nick and I to find things to do at night together and we'd both watch sports. I like watching Basketball, football, tennis, (go FEd!!!) soccer, and I even enjoy watching golf :) We watch all the big games that aren't on normal tv at my parents. So fun to do athletic stuff together. Glad you found time to get some tennis in. I've always thought that as a fun date as well.

Stef said...

haha! That's awesome. In our house, this is football :)