Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bad Accident

We just back from Urgent Care at Kaiser. Chase pulled a hot clothes iron down on himself last night. He pulled it off of our dryer. It badly burned his leg and foot. The worst blisters are on his foot. It was quite traumatic. I was able to run the burns under cold water within 10 seconds of hearing him cry. Obviously, he was really upset but he calmed down within 10 minutes. He was actually splashing in the sink and laughing. He was up walking around within 15 minutes of his injury.

He had a hard time going to sleep, so we kept cold towels and ice on his leg. He finally fell asleep for good and slept through the night.When we woke up this morning, the blisters had filled with fluid and it looked much worse, so we decided to go to the Dr.

3 pediatricians examined his leg and foot. They said that he has 2nd degree burns, but that he is actually in pretty good shape. The blisters have not burst, so the risk of infection is low. They said that it should heal nicely and that scarring is not likely. They will want to see him tomorrow to change the bandages and check for infection. They were shocked with how well he was doing, and that he was as happy as he was.

I feel like the worst mother. I thought that I had put it out of reach. This has been one of my biggest fears since he has been mobile. I had purposely ironed in another room with the door shut, so he could not pull the ironing board and iron on himself. I had no idea he could reach that high. It is the worst feeling seeing your baby in so much pain.

Thankfully, he is sound asleep and peaceful at the moment. The Lord was so gracious in that it is not worse than it could be. We are grateful that he is happy and active. I am sure this is one of many accidents to occur in our little guy's life, but I don't think I will ever get used to them. Please pray that he will continue to heal quickly and that the wounds will not get infected.


Stef said...

Wow! You have one tough little guy there. I'm sorry to hear about the burns. I had 2nd degree burns on the back side of my thigh when I was 5 or 6 and I remember the pain very well.
Jess, don't feel bad. You did what you thought was safe and he happened to be tall enough to pull it over on himself. Its a hard thing to realize, but we can't keep their environment 100% safe at all times.

Hope he heals soon and well! We'll be praying.

The Abe Green Family said...

Thanks, Stef. I understand that accidents happen, but it is hard to know that an action I did caused so much pain to my child. I am sure you understand. Thankfully, it is a little easier to get over because he is acting so happy and normal! :)

Stef said...

Yep. I know that sick-to-my-stomach feeling all too well. It can be so scary. I remember the first time I thought Ethan was going to kill Rachel (he was little and was being way too rough and I was in the other room) I was shaking for the rest of the day. Mostly because he wasn't letting her breath and so she was all blue. So scary.

Moulton family said...

Oh Jessi I almost cried reading this post! I am so thankful that God was so merciful! I hate that sick to your stomach feeling. It always shocks me how much I can love my little baby any time he get's hurt or almost get's hurt. Mobility certainly brings a whole new challange to parenting. Accidents happen even when we take precautions. Like Steph said even when we think their environment is 100% safe they suprise us. I am glad Chase seems to be handling it so well, that definitely makes it easier. We love you and we will be praying for you. By the way it sounds like you handled the situation really well. I am pretty sure my post would have included a whole section about mommy drama. But currently I am going to write my reactions off as hormones:)

Stef said...

what kind of hormones, Sarah?? ;-)

Moulton family said...

oh Steph you know all about them I'm sure :)