Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good News!

Yesterday, we went to Shriners again. We got some pretty good news. No skin grafts!!! The nurse took a look at his foot and leg and then gave me a high-five. She said it looked great. That was encouraging.

The Dr. came in and looked at it. She said that he will have a scar on the top of his foot about the size of a quarter. Everthing thing else will go away over time. She said that to make sure that the scarred area heals correctly and the scar doesn't "pile up" he will need to wear a pressure sock for 6-12 months. The sock goes to right above his ankle. He will need to wear that for 23 out of 24 hours in a day.

We are still bandaging his foot twice a day, but next week that will drop down to once a day. They burns on his leg are now uncovered, and we just massage them 3-4 times per day with lotion to help encourage the healing process. It is much easier to bandage than before. I did it by myself this morning.

Overall, I am encouraged with the report. I was hoping for no scarring, but I am very grateful that it is only a small area compared to the size of the burn. We go back in 2 weeks, and they will give of the pressure socks and check on his progress. I am so grateful for all of the help and care Shriners has given us. The Lord was very good to us, and He answered our prayers.

One last bit of good news, we heard last night from my brother that he passed all of the testing and backgroud checks with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. He has been hired, and he will start the Academy the first week of February. We are so excited for him. Between both of our families we will have 4 family members that are deputies. That is pretty awesome!

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Anonymous said...

Praise God!All parents have accidents...I have some good stories too!However its still very difficult to watch your baby hurt.Take care!
Danielle Ferguson