Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Burn Update

Well, we had another appointment at the Dr. today. They were going to check on healing and change the bandage. Chase knew as soon as we went into the procedure room what was going on. He started to cry very hard almost immediately.

Overall, the Dr. said it looked "good." To me it is terrible, but they seem to think that the redness is a sign of healing. While taking off the bandages, the broke open some skin and it started to bleed. Apparently, that is a sign it is healing properly.

After the check-up he was ready for the nurse to re-bandage it. Another nurse walked into the room and said that she thought he needed to be seen at Shriner's Children's Hosptial. They apparently have a fabulous burn clinic. The nurse called over there and got us an appointment at 1:00 (our first appt. was at 10:50).

We went home got his birth certificate and shot record and made our way over to Shriners. That place is just amazing. Every service is free of charge and they are so wonderful with children. After waiting for about an hour, we were brought into the room. The lady who checked us in and took Chase's vitals was an RN with a Masters degree. She was a burn specialist. She was so knowledgable and kind. Chase started crying before we made it into the room. The nurse called a lady who came to the room to play and distract Chase while they took the bandage off and exmanined. It was great he had toys and an entertainer the whole time. It helped quite a bit.

We were seen by a resident, burn specialist Dr, and an occupational therapist.They were all in the room at once. They seem to think that his burns look "really good." The Dr. said that the burn needs to heal within 2 weeks of the injury for there to be no long term damage or scars. Which he thinks that Chase's burns will more than likely heal in that time. However, if they don't he will more than likely need skin grafts (sp?). He said that he has a 1/5 to 1/8 chance of needing that procedure. That is a little scary, but we are hoping it heals on its own.

We will now change his bangages 2 times per day. We will give him a bath, and then change the bandages. They gave us the supplies to change them for a week. We will go back and see the Dr. next Wednesday. We are hoping that there will be quite a bit of progress.

It is still really hard to look at the wounds. I almost cry every time, but I know that I need to be strong for Chase so that usually stops me. It is reassuring that he walks normally and is completely normal the majority of the time. He only gets upset if someone touches his bandages.

It was a long day, but I am so grateful for the opportunity to be seen by the experts. The Lord was so good in orchestrating the event, so that we were able to have Chase seen by experts.

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Stef said...

Thanks for this update, Jess. I'm glad he seems to be doing better and healing well and SO thankful that God blessed your appointment and gave you the experts to get a good look.
We're praying!