Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Barney Reunion-June 8th

All of my dad's family headed to Los Gatos for a Barney Family Reunion. We were able to see all of cousins including my cousin Wayne and his wife Kristin from Texas. It was such a treat to catch up with all of our family. It is difficult at this point in our lives to get everyone at the same location. My grandparents to the opportunity to have a family portrait taken at Vasona Park. These are pictures that were snapped after the portrait was taken.

Brandon, Janna, and Tyler (Brandon's future family)

My girl cousins + Bridget

Chase's Great Grandpa

Chase's Great Grandma


Stef said...

LOVED these pictures. Vasona park was a place we went to A LOT when we were little... brings back wonderful memories.

Moulton family said...

Ohh so sweet to see your Grandparents! I miss all the fun times we had with them. Thanks for sharing the pics and the next time you talk to them tell them I love them and miss them!