Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Toys

Since having Chase we have purchased very few toys for him. We don't have a lot of room to store them, and also we noticed that kids don't play with most of the toys they have. However, after observing Chase we noticed that he was very interested in stacking things. We thought it was time to buy him some blocks.

I went a little crazy at the store. They had the most adorable wooden toys. If anyone is on the hunt for quality, classic wooden toys, I would hight recommend Mellisa and Doug toys. They are so well-made. I bought him blocks on a pull cart, a wooden shape sorter, and a wooden peg workbench thing. He loves them. His favorite out of the three are the blocks. Daddy and Chase build very high towers using all of the blocks. Chase waits patiently for the tower to be built and then he knocks it down.

It is nice when you purchase toys that your kiddos actually play with!


Cameron Eli said...

Awww love the wooden toys ;) Cam loves the shape sorter one too !

Stef said...

Melissa and Doug toys are fabulous! I love their puzzles.
Cute toys you found for him. I think it helps to rotate toys to keep them more interested in what they have. Ours don't usually seem bored, but we keep them rotating in and out every month. Its funny when we bring a toy back in the playroom and re-introduce it, they both act like its the 1st time they've seen it. :)

Leola said...

Well said.