Monday, July 14, 2008

Chase's Ramblings...

Chase is saying some pretty funny things lately. Here is one of our converstations from this morning.

Chase: Crying?

Me: Why were you crying?

Chase: Grumpy, Grumpy?

Me: You were crying because you were grumpy?

Chase: yeah

He is now saying "thank you much" instead of just "thank you."

He is also starting to put multiple words together like "mommy sing" or "mommy hold you."


Trish said...

Very cute. "thank you much" is too sweet - did he come up with that on his own?

The Abe Green Family said...


He did start saying that by himself. We think he is trying to say "thank you VERY much." We say that a lot around here, so we think that is what he is saying.

Stef said...

this is super cute! I can't believe your boys turns 2 in a few months!!