Sunday, March 22, 2009

Learning Shapes

On the way to MOPS on Friday, I had to pack Chase's breakfast in the car because he slept in so late. As we are driving, he says "mama look I have a triangle." He had eaten his peanut butter sandwich into the shape of a triangle. I had no idea that he even knew what a triangle was. Apparently, he has been learning about shapes lately. We have a wooden shape puzzle that he has played with a few times, so maybe that is where he picked that up. Not really sure, but I was shocked.

He is also really into telling us what color things are. He told me that his "alligators" are brown. He likes to point out the different colors that he sees. It is amazing how much kids just pick up on their own without instruction. They pick up the good and the bad, so we are having to be a little more careful with our language and content of our conversation. He is NOT oblivious anymore.

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