Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Baby Update

On February 10th, we had the in depth Ultrasound that measures the baby and looks for all the parts. The baby looks great. He is measuring right on track. The U/S had the due date set for July 4th. This is also the time that they can determine the gender. There is very little doubt that this baby is a BOY! We have the picture to prove it :) I will post those at the end.

This baby moves alot. I started feeling movement around 17 weeks, but he is really starting to kick and roll. This is my absolute favorite part of pregnancy. He has definitely found my bladder which I could do without. On Sunday, he was moving and kicking so much that you could see it from the outside and Abe could feel it. Very funny!

We are really struggling to name this baby. There aren't too many that we agree on, so we are just waiting until we find the right one. I really like to know the name of the baby, so we can start referring to the baby by his name. I am pretty sure we will have a name by the time he is born :)
We are so grateful for the blessing of this new baby. It seems that this little one is healthy and growing right on track. What more could we ask for!

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Stef said...

I have somehow missed these updates! How sad. I need to fix my feed reader. :(
I loved seeing these pictures and can't wait to meet your new son!