Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chase's New Shoes

Here are Chase's new shoes-Crocs. I haven't always been a fan, but these things are great for the warm Spring and Summers in Sacramento. They let the kids feet breathe, they don't get stinky, they can get wet, and they are super comfortable for the little feet.

On Friday, we went to pick up a pair of these bad boys. Chase wanted to wear them out of the store. He then proceeded to ask me to wear them during his nap. When it came time for his nap, he was so tired that I was able to take them off. My favorite part of this experience is when he asked me if he could wear his "alligators" to Grandma's house. He saw the picture of the crocodile on the side, and thought it was an alligator.

So Chase owns "alligators" and not Crocs! :)

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