Thursday, April 9, 2009

April Already!?!?

This year is just flying by! It seems like we were just putting Christmas decorations away. We celebrated Easter with my mom's side of the family last Saturday. Chase, Bridget, and Tyler had a really fun Easter egg hunt in my grandparents yard. We got to enjoy 3 baby chicks as well. Family, fun, and food made for a wonderful evening. As we were driving home, I was almost in tears thinking about the huge blessing it is to live near our family. God is so good!

Sunday was not a typical Sunday. I had not been feeling well, and after a call to the advice nurse I was told to go get checked out at Labor and Delivery. After about an hour, everything looked great and I was told to increase my water intake. I have been terrible about drinking water during this pregnancy. That has changed!!

I have a regular appointment today with my Dr. It should be pretty routine. I do have to take the gestational diabetes test. Not my favorite, but it will be over in an hour. :)

Tomorrow we are heading out to visit my dad's parents in San Jose. It will be nice to visit and catch up with them. We haven't seen them since my grandpa had hip replacement surgery. It will be nice to see the improvement in his health since having the surgery. I hear that he is doing wonderfully! Praise the Lord!! Weather permitting we will head to Santa Cruz tomorrow afternoon. The kids (Bridget and Chase) will have fun playing in the sand. They are so excited about going to the beach.

I better run. I have to clean and get ready to leave tomorrow. Fridays are usually my cleaning day, but we won't be home. Cleaning and packing aren't my favorite tasks, but I am so grateful that I have the energy and ability to complete those tasks. This week I have been comtemplating what a blessed life I have been given. My heart is grateful to the Lord! How I wish that would always be my heart's disposition.

Have a blessed Easter celebrating Christ's death and resurrection! How glorious!

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Stef said...

This year *is* flying by way too fast!
I loved this update - glad you and baby are doing well. I remember telling Jason how thankful I was for my body and baby letting me know when something was wrong. In the business of life, its easy to forget simple things, even like water. I always felt thankful when my body and baby would give me signs that something wasn't quite right. Its all part of His design!

Have fun this weekend and stop by our place if you can!