Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Set of X-rays :(

After a terrible flu bug that lasted about 5 days, Chase had the unfortunate experience of injuring his ankle. He was so sick last week and just laid around the whole time, so by the time Sunday came around he was getting his normal super-human amounts of energy back. After church was over, he was playing with the big boys (5-10 year olds) in the back of the sanctuary. He does this often and thinks he is as big and strong as the big boys. The kids were running and jumping off the stairs. He had done this probably over 10 times. The last time he jumped he landed funny, rolled his ankle, and immediately started to cry. Abe looked at me and promptly said "we need to GO!" There have been many times since Chase's birth that we have told each other that. This is our way of telling each other that a meltdown is fast approaching. I digress.

After leaving church, he was whining and saying his foot hurt. He didn't actually walk on it until we got home. He was wobbly and limping. This is not normal. He is usually very steady and well-balanced. I was somewhat alarmed to see my 2 year old limping. Chase also has a very high pain tolerance. That is has been nice in most circumstances, but it also makes it difficult to determine if he has a more serious injury. We watched him throughout the day. At one point we thought about bringing him to the emergency room, but we decided to wait until the next day and make an appointment with his Dr.

Chase's Dr. is awesome! Can't say enough about this guy. He loves kids and is very good at what he does. He is main goal is to make your visit as efficient and effective as possible. Perfect for a toddler. He looked at Chase's foot and heard that he was limping. He sent us to get x-rays immediately. Chase did so well with the x-rays. At certain points I had to leave the room and he didn't even flinch! So proud of him. We went back to see the Dr. and review the x-rays. He had no breaks which was a huge relief. We are supposed to watch for improvement. If he seems to be better today, then we just leave it at that. If he is still limping and wobbly, we call the Dr. and will go see a podiatrist. We were in and out of Kaiser in 50 minutes. I was relieved that he didn't break a bone! God is good!

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Stef said...

I'm so glad he's okay! We love our Pediatrician too. I think its something to be thankful for, because lately I hear so many horror stories about people and their Dr's.