Thursday, July 1, 2010

P-Bob is...

ELEVEN months old. Our baby is almost one. He really is turning into quite the toddler. He motors around the house so fast. He walks around the furniture really well also. We think he is getting ready to walk.

He loves to play! Sitting in the stroller is no longer sufficient at the park. He wants down so he can play. It will be SO nice when he starts to walk, so that he can get down and not get dirty or scrape his knees.

He loves his brother! Chase can make him laugh the deep belly laughs. So cute!

He is teething still. It seems like he has been teething for 6 months straight. He really doesn't complain much at all, so I need to be grateful.

Here are some facts about Parker:

*He is eating pureed food and tiny bites of all sorts of food. He likes to feed himself. He is very good at picking up food.

*He is wearing size 3 diapers.

*He wears a size 5 shoe.

*He wears mostly 18 month-2T clothing. He has a few 12 month shorts and a few 3T shirts.

*He loves to talk and babble.

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