Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Month 12

This was a huge developmental month for Parker! He is changing quickly from baby to toddler.

He started taking steps June 8th. He took about 4 steps to Grandpa Barney. That evening he kept trying to take steps. Each day he would try a little bit. Some days he would try more than others. By his birthday he was walking a little more than half the time.

We started to switch him over to whole milk this month. He loves it! He had a funny look on his face the first time he tried it, but other than that I don't think he knows the difference. It was strange to throw away the last formula can.

He is trying to talk so much! Here are some of the words he says:

baba (bottle)
bi (bite of food)
bapa (grandpa)
Cha (Chase)
bu (book)
Parker (he puts the emphasis on ker part)

He has an amazing ability to mimic. He can mimic phrases and noises. For example, one day Chase was saying Dat ta da ta(he was proud about something). All of the sudden, we hear the same thing from Parker. Abe and I were blown away. It sounded just like Chase. He also hums songs that Chase sings. It is so cute!

We celebrated his birthday this month. We celebrated a little early. He loved the cake.It was so cute. He just waited for us to feed the cake to him with a fork. He didn't even tough the piece. He ate every bite :) He was not into opening gifts, but he had a brother and an aunt to help him out.

He loves bath time! He likes to stand up the whole time. He really likes to play with his brother. They can make quite the mess in the bathroom.

We took him to the Dr. He got the last of his shots until Kidergarten. He was healthy and got a great report from the Dr. The Dr. said he has beautiful skin and hair. We agree :)

Here are his stats:

Weight=24 lbs. 10 oz. (75th percentile)
Height=31.4 inches (90th percentile)

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Stef said...

What a BIG boy! I love the stage he's at. Seems like they learn something new every day. This was a fun update to read!