Thursday, June 9, 2011

Coat Rack

I had been wanting a coat rack for our entry way. I wanted something that was functional, but at the same time decorative. The rustic farmhouse style has always been a favorite of mine. It would be so fun to live in a farmhouse (redone with modern day conveniences of course)! A girl can dream Smile I love distressed wood, and so I started Googling “distressing wood.” Well, around the same time I started talking to my grandpa about helping me distress some wood for a coat rack. He mentioned that there was a collapsed barn down the road. We hopped in the car, climbed a fence, retrieved a pile of very distressed wood, and went back to his house.
I had so much fun creating this project with him I will never forget the making these projects with him. The memories are so dear to me. He is so creative and uses so much ingenuity. He can take what other people would consider trash and make treasures. Here is the treasure we came up with.

The only thing I purchased were the hooks and the hangers to hang it on the wall. I love it!

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