Thursday, February 2, 2012

9 months!

IMAG0250Maggie got to celebrate her first Thanksgiving this month! We actually had two celebrations-one on the actual day with the Barney side and one with the Greens on Sunday. We had a really low-key day. We hosted, but everyone brought most of the food. It was nice to be with my parents and Bridgie, my brother and his family,  and my Grandpa and Grandma Berger. The second Thanksgiving at the Greens was wonderful as well. We had delicious food and everyone was able to make it so we were all together. It was very loud and crazy, but that is what happens when a big group of people gets together Smile 

We put up our Christmas tree  and decorations Thanksgiving weekend. That was TOUGH with 3 kids. We were very tired at the end of the day, but it was so nice to enjoy the decorations. The boys LOVE seeing all the pretty and cute things. Maggie was very interested in the tree and kept pulling the ornaments off. We had to put chairs around the tree to keep the ornaments on.

Maggie had a couple colds in a row that came with a bad cough. We ended up at the Dr. twice because we were worried about ear infections and congestion in the lungs. Thankfully, it was nothing too serious, but it took her a while to heal.

She is crawling very well now, and she is sitting up and very steady. She is beginning to pull herself up onto things to stand. She is gaining strength in her legs.

She has really started to LOVE bath time. She loves to kick and splash. She loves the bath toys and plays for quite a while. We are able to pour water on her head to wash her hair and she doesn’t cry. Abe started pouring water on the boys heads when they were about 6 months old to get them used to it. It really worked out because as they got older they weren’t afraid. We just did the same with her.

We are looking forward to celebrating her first Christmas and the holidays.

Appearance: She is cute as ever! She seems to have very long legs and we think she is going to be very tall Smile She kind of dwarfs a lot of kids her age. Very normal for our kids.

Sleep: She mostly takes just 2 naps now and every once in a while a 3rd nap. She wakes up once to eat at night. She goes to bed around 6:30 and wakes up around 7:30 or 8:00.

Diaper Size: Still in size 3.

Clothing: She wears a mix of12 month and 18 month clothes. My friend gave her some really nice clothes that her daughter outgrew. I love hand-me-downs! Such a blessing!!

Height: Not sure

Weight: 18 lbs. 3 oz. (she was weighed at the Dr.)

Head Circumference: Not sure

Eating Habits: She is now loving solids. She eats veggie purees like carrots, peas, and squash. She chicken nuggets and meatballs. We are letting her try our food which she loves. We tried yogurt, but it gave her the runs. She loves puffs.  She is still nursing well about every 3 hours. She also get one bottle of formula at night now.

Development: Crawling, sits up, beginning to stand, loves to play in the play room, loves bath time.

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