Sunday, February 26, 2012

Coffee Table

I am not a huge fan of lots of furniture and knick knacks. It makes me feel kind of claustrophobic. We also have little children, so the more we have the more they can run into or destroy. Sad smile However, we were in need of a coffee table. When we have people over, there was no place to put our drinks  food  in the Family Room. The kids needed a place to color and do homework. Abe needed a place to work at night. Maggie needed something to pull up on and walk around. It was time to look into a coffee table.

I started browsing Pinterest for ideas. The barn wood from other projects (here and here) came to mind. These ideas were really neat:

My favorite!! It had instructions as well which was very helpful. The only issue I saw was that it was a little too narrow. I loved the storage potential and the wheels. I wanted the boys to be able to roll the table out of the way, so they could wrestle with Daddy Smile .

I emailed my Grandpa the website. He thought it was doable! We went and scoped out the wood pile, and found some nice pieces. He and my Dad went down the next day and found AMAZING wood. We measured and chose the dimensions we wanted. It was very rough and we were slightly concerned about splinters. He ended up planing the wood and made it very smooth. He used L-brackets and dals to make it very sturdy. We envisioned 3 little kids standing on the table Smile. He worked very hard and about 3 weeks later the table was finished. We figured that the wood alone would have cost $300-500. I spent about $50 in supplies. I have no idea what you would pay for something like this, but it would be quite costly!!

Here is the finished product! It ended up being 48’x38’ and about 20 inches high. It is perfect for our family room. We use it all the time. So grateful for all my Grandpa’s labors!



Storage Area:


Side View:



Tegan | Celebrate Twelve13 said...

I have some serious coffee table envy!

The Abe Green Family said... table envy :)Congrats on your baby girl!!

Sarah Moulton said...

I haven't seen this one of your projects. You do a really great job at being resourceful and getting what you want for your house. Super cool! keep at it! I also love that you get to work with you grandpa those are going to be memories you'll treasure forever!

Kelly said...

Beautiful table, love the story behind it!

Nahiomy said...

Does your grandpa have a website?? He is awesome at woodwork!
Is there any way that you could post step by step how he made this?
Thank you!