Sunday, February 26, 2012

Game Board Art

My mom was de-cluttering her cabinets a while back. She came across some of my old board games. The games were missing pieces, so she decided to get rid of them. She threw them out in the trash can. A few hours later she went out and recovered them from the trash. She couldn’t bring herself to throw them away.
The next time she saw me she mentioned that she had these games and was wanting a way to save them. She mentioned that maybe we could frame the box lids. I took a look at them and loved her idea. After thinking for a while, I thought it might be easier to find frames to fit the game boards rather than the box lids. The game boards measured 19x19 I believe.
I started searching online for frames. I checked out Aaron Brothers and it was going to cost about $140 for 3 frames. I came across square frames from IKEA. They were perfect. They were 20x20 and only $20 per frame!
We headed over there and picked up 3 frames. We came home, cleaned the glass, and popped the game boards into the frames. As we were hanging them up, my mom accidentally stepped on one and the glass broke. I went back and picked up a 4th frame, and I used the glass-less frame for another project for Maggie’s room.

There were some game pieces left as well, so I decided to use them as well. I used the $1.00 wooden frames from Michaels. I painted them white. I covered some cardboard in fabric and hot glued the game pieces to the fabric/cardboard. They turned out pretty cute:

Chutes and Ladders Player:

Candy Land Player:

Memory Card:

These relics from my childhood have been preserved and gave our playroom some much needed wall art Smile.

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Stef said...

oh my gosh, I love this idea!!